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How to eat Real Fancy in Boise: Go To State & Lemp

The modern concept of American fine dining comes with a preset of aesthetics and feelings, no longer simply the quality and relevance of the food. I remember a time when the only variable we considered was price and quality. And then social media, especial...

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Dig This: Boise is More Than Potatoes. Yes, Really.

When friends and readers ask me which destination of all I’ve visited in the Sates has struck me the most, most recently my no-flinch response is “Boise, Idaho.” The super-flinch reaction is always a puppy’s duster-tail speed, double-take “did you say Boise?”...

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Bren Herrera

Private Chef, Luxe Lifestylist & World Traveller/Writer
Bren is the Chief Lifestylist, making all things come together in fashionable form. Cooking, travelling, and Cuban espresso fuel her passion. A self-proclaimed pressure-cooking evangelist, she's owns twelve. Paris is her bae.

JD aka The Solivist

Chief Solvist & Tequila Snob
Though 6 years apart, Jonathan and Bren have an incredible amount of lifestyle commonalties, mostly cycling, traveling & eating together. Most awesome is his dumpster diving skills. Ask him.