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Welcome to mi casa, or what I call The House of Bren!

I often tell people they couldn’t have paid me enough money to believe I’d be doing and living the life I enjoy every day. I was supposed to be one of two things: a world-touring musician or an attorney, defending social injustices against women and immigrants.

I had the Perry Mason gig all planned out. I did the top-tiered undergrad thing, tasted law school and actually loved it; I had a heavy appetite for politics, even worked on the Hill for some time (talk about seeing and hearing some crazy things – you know, very much a la House of Cards) and finally had a robust and long-standing serving of the suit and tie amongst the best in law firms.

That’s exactly what I was going to do.

But you know how things go…God had other plans.

I did get to sing, professionally, too. I toured in Spain, singing gospel, R&B, and jazz for a few years. I even started recording an album. It was so sexy. All of it.

And then a chance invitation changed everything.

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Lindsay Glickstein

12 years after an unplanned departure from a demanding but plush corporate career in law, I am doing what my heart loves:

cooking and traveling with a strong dose of social activism.

Don’t miss Bren’s sexy & delicious exploits in and out of the kitchen.

I started cooking when I was super young, mostly because in our Cuban home, my Mother — the queen of lively entertaining — allowed me in the kitchen with her. I started cooking for my law colleagues and closest friends.

My way of showing affection and passion for cooking inspired my blog, Flanboyant Eats (very much a wordplay on flan and flamboyant), which I launched in 2008. I was hungry to share all of those moments that inspired me to cook while introducing others to my rich afro-Cuban culture.

Becoming a TV Personality

While one thing led to another, namely an invitation to cook with Emeril Lagasse on his former Discovery Channel show “Planet Green” and CNN en Español, and a ridiculously perfect private cooking session with Chef of the Century, Joel Robuchon, I ended up chasing TV.

I wanted it to be my full-time platform for sharing my experiences as a food and travel writer, and private chef cooking up Cuban, Latin, fusion and global cuisine.

You know I was excited when the TODAY show called in 2014 for the first time, and then for a second and third! Let’s talk about how much I still pinch myself every now and then for doing a segment with J. Lo.

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Modern Lifestyle Author

With all the fabulous TV appearances rolling in and the international travel gigs picking up, I fell right into being hired as a bilingual spokesperson for some of the best national food, beverage and lifestyle brands.

I’m currently working as a spokesperson for Sabra Hummus, Hampton Inn by Hilton and few other great brands both on TV and digital.

That combination was the perfect way to ease into writing my first and dream cookbook.

“Modern Pressure Cooking” came out in December 2017, garnering really nice accolades. I shared more than 100 incredible recipes and time-saving techniques to master your pressure cooker.

You should go check it out today!

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Guy Fieri on the Food Network (June, 2017), act as a judge on a new show on the Cooking Channel and so many more opportunities on the horizon.

You may have also seen me on…

So, here I am, lovely friends!

Living this sexy and delicious life, all with the intention and hopes of inspiring you to live the fullest life you want and deserve. Food and storytelling is what I do best. I connect the dots with the anecdotes I’ve picked up from profound conversations with beautiful strangers.

From deposition and courtrooms to studio kitchens and farmers’ markets around the globe, with a Cuban café on leche always in hand, and probably wearing some fancy shoes, I’m exploring and bringing to you what the vast world has to offer through the lens of a hungry palate.

Thanks for visiting and B! Inspired.

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