{All Around Latin America} Sexy Caipirinka’s in Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

 I’ve been really anxious to share today’s post! This girl here appreciates a well-made cocktail that has some history and cultural significance. Pamela Pajuelo, aka Señorita Vino is the most bonafide female wine connoisseur I know and knew she’d come up with something really sexy for us to enjoy.  I had the jovial pleasure of meeting her in person earlier this year and instantly we connected. The young lady knows her stuff when it comes to wines, from anywhere, and is passionate when talking about them. She’s also great at teaching her readers about the basics of choosing wines and pairing them with your food. 

Pamela has made some waves over at her blog, Señorita Vino where she explores vinos from all over the world and covers all ranges; from low of the barrel to the highest quality. She’s the only  Latina wine blogger in the U.S., positioning her to have some incredible stories and information to offer her readers. She ohas something to everyone that’s looking for knowledge on sipping liquid grapes! I love to welcome Pamela to Flanboyant Eats, another newbie here, and her readers! I’m thrilled she joined us this year for our {All Around America} food and recipes series for Hispanic Heritage Month!  B-


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By Pamela Pajuelo

What I love about Hispanic Heritage Month is the opportunity to share the rich diversity of our culture, whether it’s through literature, music, history, or food. In my case, I am an American-born Latina whose parents are from Perú and whose mother was born in the Peruvian city of Arequipa to two Syrian immigrants. My Syrian grandmother’s brother landed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where my party-til-you-drop Brazilian cousins live. I owe them a huge obrigada for introducing me to Brazil’s national cocktail, the Caipirinha.

In celebration of our shared diversity and my own unique blend of Hispanic heritage, it’s my pleasure to share a recipe that answers the question, what would happen if a Caipirinha and a Peruvian Pisco Sour got together and produced an offspring? Answer: The Caipirinka, a refreshingly exotic blend of mangoes, lime and pisco.

If you’re not familiar with pisco, it’s a clear alcoholic spirit made from grapes. Some say it’s comparable to Italy’s grappa and Greece’s ouzo. And like grappa and ouzo, pisco can knock you flat on your asti spumante, so be forewarned: un poquito goes a long way.

Adding to the Caipirinka’s Peruvian flair is the mango. Perú is one of six countries that exports mangos to the U.S. If anyone’s keeping track, this is arguably the world’s most nutrient-rich cocktail. Mangos contain more than 20 different types of nutrients and vitamins, and just one cup of mangos is 100 calories and provides 100 percent of your recommended vitamin C allowance.

I used fresh, pureed ataulfo mangos because this variety has no fibers and is as smooth as butter, making it a great option to blend in cocktails or fruit smoothies. Not only that, but the flesh is gloriously golden, calling to mind the gold treasure of the Inca empire. Now there’s a culture that literally worshipped its bling. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Salud, and happy Hispanic Heritage Month!


 *This is part of an annual Hispanic Heritage Month food series, now in its 4th year. Catch up on this years and previous delicious features: 


How do you celebrate this culturally inspiring month?

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Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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  1. I love alcohol. Not like an alchy but, you know, I like to toss one (or two or three) back and feel my limbs warm up. So, this is GREAT! Love the recipe and I also love Señorita Vino 🙂

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