Cooking Demo #4: Picadillo

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  1. Wow that was a fast Picadillo, thanks for the recipe, my Picadillo takes forever like 1 hour (having to heat olive oil on medium high, making sofrito, then browning the meat with salt, adding spices, stirring, adding tomato, then some water, simmering with olives and capers, then all at teh saem time making the “Papa Frita” to add at the end)

    Here’s my recipe for “Picadillo Salteado”:

    You might also be interested in the Filipino version which is similar to ours and also quick:

    When I use Picadillo to make a “Empanada Gallega” (that huge Spaniard meat pies that can feed a huge crowd) I add minced chorizo to the filling whether I use Picadillo or Ropa Vieja.


    Whenever I’m in a hurry and want to make “Picadillo a lo Cubano” I’ll use your recipe of course I won’t be able to add raisins because my Dad has a weird raisin phobia lol.

    Also nice video LOVE THE CUBAN ACCENT! :)

  2. Este picadillo se ve bien rico. Lo voy a probar lo más pronto posible. Gracias por grabar un video en español. Espero que lo hagas con mucho más frecuencia. :)

  3. El video esta muy comico me encanto y el picadillo buenisimo uno de mis platillos favoritos de la cocina cubana. Definitivamente con aji rojo y papitas umm.

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