#FlanFridays: Dark Chocolate Ganache & Raspberry Sea Salt Flan for Valentine’s Day

Choco Raspberry Salt Flan Sliced

 I don’t do Valentine’s Day. Since I’ve been blogging, I’ve always found a way to make reference to it, either via a savory recipe or sexy libation. In the same reference I always advise that for me, it’s nothing more than S.A.D. — Single’s Awareness Day! 

Well, let me say before I continue, ‘Welcome back #FlanFridays!‘ I found no better way to come back other than this, a succulent piece of a fancy custard.

For us single people, February 14th is not that big a deal; at least not the ones I know. Getting chocolates should be retired, though I adore anything artisan and boutique-ish (à la the ones recently enjoyed at the Biltmore). Bubbly is always welcomed but that’s just it–I can sip on that any day of the week. Perfume is seductive but I have a plethora I’ve yet not enjoyed and flowers are just so, uhm, standard…. though I do love receiving those ‘just because.’

Instead of sulking in the misplaced misery of being a 30-something single woman, I embrace the liberty I enjoy from being so. I mean, I can travel when and for however long I want. I can make anything I’d like for dinner without considering his desires and I can spread out on my bed without being confined to a straitjacket form.

But, this year, while I still won’t relish in the love affair with pronouncing affection on one single day, I will allow my accounted for friends to enjoy their moment. A neighbor and several loyal clients have placed their orders for a decadent flan that profiles all the love in the world for their significant other!

I thought about all the prototypical flavors used in Valentine’s desserts, sweets and concoctions like the one I made below for last year’s lovers’ day and nothing about the usual suspects allowed for a creative separation. I fell for the same and resigned to making a chocolate and raspberry flan. Nothing new. In fact, if I remember correctly, I made a version of this very custard for my 1st ever clients in Atlanta.

And I remember it being a hit.

So, why go with something so exotic when two simple ingredients dance so well together?

(My Instagram shot I took as I prepared to plate) 

For my neighbor, I made this specific one because it honestly reflects their relationship. She’s semisweet like the dark chocolate, he’s bittersweet like the raspberry. I didn’t think to approach it that way until I was making my custard last night. If she reads this post, then she’ll know how I really feel about them! So goes the transparency of having a blog!

While I love me some chocolate and fruit together, the two alone seemed so ordinary, even after all the thought I gave it. I wanted to experience a culinary ménage à trois, one that would really wow them (sans me, of course— cuz that would be kinky and I don’t roll like that!). The only other thing that could have made this courtship work so lovingly, was a sprinkle of sea salt. Like Cinderella slipping her foot into that stunning glass slipper and all was made whole again, the sea salt turned to be the great equalizer this time!

I will not lie! I wasn’t über excited initially, but after spreading raspberry jam I got from Imladris Farm in Asheville, N.C.,  all over the top of the flan and sprinkling a conservative amount of salt, I sunk in my robe, hugged myself and smacked my lips… I wasn’t going to cut her flan so that she could enjoy the look of a full, untouched dessert, but I’m not regretful for the experience I enjoyed this morning with my single slice!

Oooooh wee, ooh lala and oui, oui, oui! 

This is taking chocolate and raspberry to new heights my friends. It’s taking a boring and lackluster romantic relationship to revived lust and steamy affection. It has to… because if you don’t allow it to, then you may want to consider counseling… both relationship and culinary knowledge/appreciation!

This is my Valentine’s Day gift to you! Enjoy its decadence and allow yourself to indulge in sexy lusciousness… don’t forget to spoon feed your S.O.!



Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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0 thoughts on “#FlanFridays: Dark Chocolate Ganache & Raspberry Sea Salt Flan for Valentine’s Day

  1. That’s awesome that you cook your flan in the pressure cooker… I’m going to try that. Thank you….. I love making flan too…. I gonna give your method a test run. 🙂

  2. That flan I just had the pleasure of eating was so indulgent, so decadent, so creamy OMG. Are you kidding me? That is what I call just plain “stupid good” . Thank-you if I died tonight I would die a most satisfied women.

  3. Rosa: thanks for visiting and enjoying! i loved it— the itty bitty slice I had!

    Comiendo en LA: Ay amiga, que sentimental. Te lo agradezco. Trabajo muy duro en el blog y me eccanta cad minuto. Alomejor un dia te hago un flan! 🙂

    Uchi: Gracias!

    Prestley’s Pantry: Oh yes, girl, I don’t have a lot of time to sit around and let it bake in the oven or traditional stovetop. It’s great.

    Deana: You know I agree with you.

    Tracy: Thanks!!

    Michele: yay! glad you loved… and hopefully Lucio did, too!

    Bellini: Thanks lady…

  4. Lovely flavors and stunning plating. If only I had the courage to try a pressure cooker, I’d make make for my honey tomorrow. Thanks for a another great post.

  5. However belatedly, let me say that I enjoyed this post, the flan sounds and looks sinful, the pics are great, as usual, and your writing is always engaging. Now, a brief comment about Valentine’s being S.A.D.: Being single or being sad -to play with the words- is a choice. In the end, we all need someone with whom to share our joys and sorrows…or even to argue with 🙂
    Happy, very belated Valentine’s Day!

  6. Itzel: Thanks! Hope you had a great V-day!

    Debbie: Fret not the pressure cooker. It’s an amazing tool!

    Vivian: Your comments always make me so happy. I love the poetry in them.

    Teresa: Thanks, thanks, thanks. So sweet.

    David: Never too late to wish a V-day, right! It was amazing, I have to day. Thanks for enjoying the writing. I get it from a certain someone.

  7. OMG, Bren. I am not exaggerating that my eyes opened wide when I saw that dark chocolate flan. My goodness.. This looks gooood. I’m so craving it right now (and I’m not even a big fan of chocolate) but I love flan!!

  8. que bueno que no tengo ese flan delante de mi por que de seguro cogeria libras por que me sentaria muy comoda y me lo comeria entero por que se ve delicioso que rico.

  9. This looks great! However, I don’t have a pressure cooker. Could this recipe be made by the “conventional” flan method – in the oven?

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