#FlanFridays: Nutella w/Graham Cracker Caramel

This one did not come easy my appetizing friends. My intention was to make a full-sized flan for the family to enjoy, but I really wanted to play with the look and styling of this Nutella one, so I pulled out some Pyrex ramekins and went to work. My process seldom changes unless I’m working with an ingredient that requires different attention. Like this. You probably melt your Nutella in the microwave. At least that’s what I’ve heard in the nutty circles. I double-boil mine. Truthfully, because I had an embarrassing live, on-camera experience melting some ganache. I almost burned the hosts’ hands! Oh but wait, pay back is a mother! I burned my hand today. My right one at that. Yeah, burned all the way. I was pouring the caramel into each ramekin and swirling to coat as fast as I could when I decided to save some of the drippings.

Said dollop drippings fell right onto my hand and scorched it. It took a good squeeze of my butt cheeks not to drop everything.

And so typing is not fun right now. I have a slice of tomato rubber-banded around it. It absorbs internal heat.

Thankfully, the three ramekins came out just like I needed them to: perfect, creamy, chocolatey and crunchy.

I’ve been wanting to make another Nutella flan since the espresso one I hooked up last year while in Asheville, but I was faithfully staying away from the jar. Like most Nutella luvah’s, I can sit at my desk and quietly eat it away. It feels so good while I’m in the moment, but the after-effect is so gluttonous and sinful that I’d have to walk/run 5 miles just to burn off 1/2 the calories. No matter, the thought of recreating it was jumping in my mind and more recently inspired by the reminiscence of a blistering cold night in Val de Loire, France where our friend’s neighbor invited us over for wine and roasted chestnuts. There was a trio of bowls filled with nuts. One of them had hazelnuts. And that particular one took me to my childhood. We used to crack hazelnuts every Christmas season and eat them in lieu of M & M’s.

So amazing.

And nostalgic.

I love when food does that. It has served its purpose at that very moment. It took me back somewhere very special.

So why the graham cracker? Well, my palate, much like my emotions goes through all kinds of roller coasters. Two things my eating experience requires: crunchy and sweet. They don’t have to be together, just at some point. There was little mixing up I could come up with today that would create two things I have to have. And plus, who’s not spread Nutella all over a graham cracker before? It’s easier and way tastier than putting a piece of hard milk chocolate on it to create a S’mores.

This flan was born out of those thoughts I come to every now and then. And also because at the moment I’m going through a phase in my life where I can forgo a hearty meal for a good, robust and refined piece of dark chocolate. I’m not comparing Nutella to renowned chocolates, after all there has been some negative hype regarding the clogging amount of bad oils it contains. Or how much of real hazelnut oil and essence is in the spread. I’m just sayin’. Chocolate has special movement in my world. It makes me really happy.

And Nutella is one of those things that can stand alone and cause joy.

After not sharing the recipe for the first Nutella flan I made, allow me to redeem myself with this one! From me to you, on this seasonal #FlanFriday, I’d love for you to enjoy this delicious, perfectly rounded and somewhat refined flavor.

It didn’t come easy, but it’s here!

Happy holidays and happy #FLANFRIDAYS


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0 thoughts on “#FlanFridays: Nutella w/Graham Cracker Caramel

  1. The sacrifices one makes for… perfection. Wow. And the possibility for non-US Nutella…

  2. Drool…Drool….I will be glad when you come out with your Flan cookbook! Although I would not attempt them, just look and drool over them. I one to simply purchase Flan’s from you! This one is a for sure winner!

  3. Ok this is unbelievable! I cannot stop gawking at these photos. I adore the twist with the graham cracker and that caramel looks so decadent.

  4. When are you going to just make all of your flan Friday posts into videos?! That should be the next step. 🙂 You can then edit out any burns. Love the Nutella. We could both eat it by the jar.

  5. Wow, this flan looks really good. SERIOUSLY!!! It sounds like you also put in some work hooking this one up. You are definitely still the “Flan Queen”….Watch the Throne. Also, congrats on your sweet potato flan making the cover of this month’s issue of the Publix magazine. Nice!!! Really proud of you!

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