#FlanFridays: Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice Flan

This week’s timing was so unusually good for me. All of my editorial deadlines were met, both here on Flanboyant Eats and for my other gigs. What a stress reliever!

Though everything turned out great, I was scurrying Monday evening after an email from Latina magazine asking me to make a flan for this week’s column. Uhm, I wasn’t too keen on the idea since I reserve making flan for today, #FLANFRIDAYS and had just done a post on my Flan “Eat & Tweet” event in D.C. Another flan post was just overkill!

But when she asked for a pumpkin one, it took me no time to say “¡SI!”

Hence, I couldn’t resist sharing this fantastically delicious and season appropriate flan for this week’s #FLANFRIDAYS!

Here’s the column, in part:

Hello Fall. Here we are, another season that brings about lovely weather, colorful foliage and warm comfort food. In all its marvel, summer can wear us out. It’s nice to transition to a place of coziness.

For me, fall means endless cooking and working  with seasonal vegetables and ingredients to create aromatic and super delicioso meals and treats.

Of all those fall harvest fruits and vegetables, pumpkin somehow jumps out at me as my fave. I want to make a myriad of things with this squash veggie. Have you had pumpkin soup with a hint of ginger and Brandy? You’d definitely be in for a delightful surprise. While savory meals keep the heart warm and the stomach satisfied, there is nothing like finishing up your evening with a luscious dessert.

When it comes to pumpkin, the only dessert that screams and begs to be made with the orange blossom is the famous Latin flan!

The flavors of the smooth pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg render the perfect fall treat.  The caramel tops it all off giving you a creamy and robust dessert to last you all season. Make it and you’ll impress you friends. They’ll want the recipe, your secret and ask you to make it again. It’s the quintessential party favor. Why make cake when this is right at your fingertips!



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Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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0 thoughts on “#FlanFridays: Pumpkin Spice

  1. A great Halloween flan! Mmmhhh, I’d love to stick my spoon in this soft and silky goodness. ;-P

    have a spooky weekend and cheers,



  3. Hummm, I have some pumpkin left from what I used for the Split Pea Soup I made yesterday….might make one later today……Flan de Calabaza is always good!!!

  4. I like this flavor. It was good. Thanks for sharing it with me. Forget pumpkin pie. ITS ALL ABOUT THE PUMPKIN FLAN!!!!! Ya heard! Make that switch.

  5. Rosa: if you make it, let me know. I’d love to know what you think!

    Silvia: ay Silvia, es una de esas cosas que te vuelve loca!! imaginate que rico es!

    Merari: Right! Can not go wrong with anything calabaza; especially now!

    Dullah: Ha. Exactly!!! People are sleeping! 🙂

  6. I’m not a pumpkin fan–except for carving–but that looks delicious. May have to overcome my inclinations and give it a try. Thanks!

  7. mi favorito flan de calabaza ese flan es tan rico .pero ese se ve tan rico que dan ganas de sacar un pedazo de ahi y comerlo .creo que hare uno manana para sorprender a mi esposo .y en el dia del pavo seguro quehago otro QUE RICO GRACIAS

  8. looks good. i’ll try it out. i love baking.. so i always make sweet potato and pumpkin pies right about this time of year… i think i’ll try adding this to the list..


  9. Yum, yum, yum; if you come our way for Thanksgiving you’ll have to make one 🙂 I love flan de calabaza!!

  10. Yum, this flan looks so good and festive! I’m up in arms about what to make for thanksgiving dessert and this is definitely an option.

  11. As a man who is comfortable with his pumpkinality, I must say that you have made me question my gourdly universe.

    And so, next Halloween I shall no longer trick or treat the same. If pumpkin flan is not dumped into my bag, I shall entreat myself to your recipe my dear.

    *tips hat,*

    “viola, puree genius”

  12. Hola Chica,

    I wanted to congratulate you on the best Frangelico and Coconut flan I have ever tasted. My family took about ten minutes to devour both flans leaving me with a sliver of each. I’m glad I don’t live near by otherwise I’ll have to reconsider my diet 🙂

  13. Hey friends! Definitely a great fall fave (actually, anytime of year, but for those season sticklers, this is it!) of mine and one I’d love for all of you to take a stab at making. You won’t be disappointed. I’m thinking about doing this live on a next TV segment! Would be perfect. In the meantime, enjoy the recipe on the LATINA Mag column.

  14. Patty: It was serious, girl! A lot of taste buds were happy over here. And guests, too! Will be making again for my b-day next week!

    Lisa: really!! did you love! I love flan stories! Pumpkin is def. one of my favorites. So rich yet smooth!

    Ericka: Yup. Thanksgiving sounds about right! Scratch the pie and cobbler!

  15. This is totally going on my list of desserts to do. Im in Peru, so its not pumpkin season here, but as soon as I get to NYC I will try this!

  16. ES una pena ver tan lindas fotos y no poder ver las recetas y el paso a paso como se elavorn estas recetas, Deberuia PONERLAS.

  17. Wow, gorgeous & impressive photo! This pumpkin flan looks muy delicioso! I have leftover pumpkin puree from some cupcakes I made last week & my Mexican husband will love me even more if I make him pumpkin flan! I too fell in love with this amazing dessert when I was introduced to it during the 4 yrs I lived in central Mexico with him. Thanks so much for sharing – I can’t wait to start following your blog. Happy Thanksgiving (we celebrated in October in Canada) & have a great weekend.

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