#FlanFridays: Toasted Coconut & Rum Flan

Flan never gets old. Ever. It’s such a fancy dessert that invites taste buds to get excited about textural newness — at least for those that don’t eat it regularly. This coconut one is not a new experiment here on Flanboyant Eats, but it is an altered version that deserves a single serving plate, a shot of espresso and a lovely glass for some good, good, rum.

Texture  has been my lone challenge in converting non-custard lovers into aficionados of the rich postre. With all of the different flavors I’ve come up with (I think I’m up to 52 now!), texture is subject to change depending on the special ingredients I use. For the most part, the custard itself  stays firm enough not to separate like an ailing couple,  but soft and smooth to the tongue like newly weds…. at least in theory!  The consistency I accomplish has more to do with the amount of eggs and cook time, which is standard and 90% the same every time.

Modifying la textura is simple enough and always a pleasure when it involves a special request. One faithful buyer of many flans, my kickb0xing instructor “F” loves and swears by  a coconut flan. Not coconut-flavored through extract, etc… but with real shavings and coconut milk.  I’ve offered up every single flavor to her but nothing does her in like toasted coconut. She dances all the way out our door with two full-sized flans. While someone else might like the coco lightly toasted, she requires it nice and crispy, making the intensity of the coconut not as strong.

If you’ve been keeping up with food trends, you’ll have noted how wildly popular coconut is right now. So en trend!  Nothing new over here, though. I’ve been playing with coconut as long as I can remember, mostly in our arroz congri. Oh my. What a piece of delicious work that dirty rice turns out to be! I’ll save that for another day, but you’ll be sad if you miss it!

While making “F’s” flan de coco during my last visit home (now a permanent situation), I decided to tickle myself and play around with additional flavors. Since I love Malibu Coconut Rum, the genuis bulb went off and off to dousing my custard with rum I was! Drunken goodness here! Not only did I substitute my cow’s milk for coconut milk, I also splashed the plated flan with mas ron.

Perfection. The consistency of this version of my more basic coconut flan was a bit creamier — exactly how most people like it. And a major coconut explosion! The rum set off everything, having softened up a bit the crispier coco shavings.

In the end, the masterpiece for summer sugar coma’s has been written in stone. Thrice approved by “F”, mom and dad, the most important tastemakers when it comes to flan.

Of note: If I were serving this as individual 4 or 6 oz. servings, I’d plate it with a really nice flat coconut wafer topping it. In this case, the action of being devoured as soon as said coconut lover straps her seatbelt (because yes, she eats one on the way back home!) doesn’t call for such over the top details. 😉



Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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0 thoughts on “#FlanFridays: Toasted Coconut & Rum Flan

  1. Girl! This looks amazing. How come I never got to taste this one? I need a new pressure cooker.

  2. I’m not a huge flan lover (I know…I know…) but I love coconut. This does look yummy. You may win me over! Lol. Stumbled and about to tweet it as well.

  3. Michele R: Yes it does… I was sure you had tasted this one as well. Next time I’m in Atlanta.

    Sujeiry: I know, I know… we’re going to have to change that. This would change your mind for sure. The coco is sooo good.

    Rosa: Yes!

  4. What do you get when you combine flan with coconut and rum? Yummy flan, that’s what. Mira, If I come over there you better have an extra vasito for el ron on the side, muchacha! And an extra flan, too! Thanks for the receta!!

  5. Im coocoo for cocoflan!

    Nothing says endless dental nibblers like coconut after a warm splash of gelatinous sugar. Men can be bought cheaply ladies–Flan away.

  6. those amazing flans of yours! I don’t think I’ve had this one! Please make when you’re back in Atlanta!

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