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(Chilean seabass at one of the featured restaurants. Probably one of the best meals I had off camera; via Instagram)

Don’t you love it when friends call you with great news?! News you had no idea was in the works for them? It’s such a fun feeling sharing the excitement with people you adore and know are grinding after their passion. I’m on the other end of that call, placing it with anticipating and hoping everyone I tell is just as excited.

A long time ago, I had a great network TV deal in the works. It fell through. Then another TV deal. And that fell through. I learned that in showbiz, it’s part of the game. No matter how good your agent, manager or lawyers are, the final decision always falls on someone else and the you’re left panting with the need to know what happened. Answers aren’t always offered. So you keep it moving and do what you love and work on making your product better.

While I was working on getting over those foiled deals and entertaining others, I started writing for a huge publication. My editor there ended up leaving in the middle of my contract, but always complimented my work. She made sure we stayed in contact. We kept in touch and followed each others’ moves. You never know where relationships will take you, so you have to believe in them when the interaction gives you a good vibe. About a 14 months ago, while getting beautified for a photo shoot, I get a call from this former editor. She was brief in telling me she was working on a major project and wanted me to be involved. That’s all she said. Nothing more. No detalles. No medium shared, no topic or subject. She simply asked me to stick with her while she designed this “project”.

That 2nd call came this past May. “B! Are you ready for this? I told you I’d call. I though of no one better for the job than you.” 

The conversation lasted about 20 minutes and I was in!

On Wednesday, oh yes, that would be tomorrow, a new and revolutionary online network for women, by women launches to much acclaim! CHIC REBELLION is the first and only online, on-demand video network producing original web series that reflect the stories and interests of trendsetting women of color in fashion, beauty, entertainment, lifestyle, parenting, cuisine and more! And, the conversation we had in May was offering to host my own show called “Dine Out!

*Waves vintage fan in face*

I don’t think I can even express how thrilled I am. Beyond the fun wardrobe changes, which I’ve blogged about on B So Chic!™, the excitement lies in the premise of my series: I travel to D.C., Atlanta and N.Y., in stilettos, to cook, chat and eat haute cuisine at some of those cities most chic, popular and delicious restaurants! I explore those cities through my culinary eye and eat everything I’m served up along the way. I’ve made some great chef friends along the way and I’ve eaten some incredible food. I’ve worn 6″ heels in a hot, steamy kitchen. I’m right where I want to be. For now.

Could it get any better right now?!

(natural placement of shoes after 3 hours of continued filming…flip flops always in the bag; via Instagram)

I’ve started filming already, having wrapped 10 D.C. segments back in June. Those were incredibly fun but as with all new things, had its challenges. Chasing food trucks per their tweets even though we had the segment scheduled with production, speaking Spanglish with one exec chef at a new yuppy spot near the White House, talking to strangers on the street about their fave toppings at a dive that kicks off at midnight in Adams Morgan, to searing scallops in the most obscure “kitchen lab” only after stopping traffic at 11 pm  in the heart of Georgetown — those were some of the memorable moments during 5 days long days of retakes,  mic checks and chucking the scripts.

(One of the food truck chefs and me; via Instagram)

I’m back to Atlanta in October to film 8 more locations and then NY to wrap the 1st season. The anticipation of doing it all over again has me shoe shopping and considering a new hair color! What do you think?  As the season progresses, and we continue to hop around the East coast, I’ll focus on soaking the experiences, being sassy, speaking more Spanglish and connecting with the wonderful people I meet. Surely, I’ve met some characters already, some of which you’ll see in just a few weeks as the episodes air.

For now, I invite you to tune in tomorrow night at 8 pm (EST) to watch the kick-off of the Chic Rebellion  ( revolution, during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, no less!! 5 shows, 5 star hostesses and 5 awesome concepts! This chica has finally has a chance to be in my element! Because if you haven’t heard, I love to talk about all things fashion and food!

And eat.

(Uber pretty treats c/o of our last location in D.C. Great way to end those 1st 5 days!; via Instagram)

I’m one lucky gal, I swear. Things happen for a reason and I have no regrets. “No’s” are good for the determined spirit. “Yes’s” are great for your purpose!

Thanks for following my ride, friends! Your support, on and offline makes all this that much more enjoyable. Boy, am I glad  Elayne and I saw some incredible talent in each other 2.5 years ago! She taught me patience.

And here I am. Already working on the next big thing!

Off to NYC in the a.m. for the fabulous and super swagged out launch party! Follow me on Twitter for all kinds of chic tweets!

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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0 thoughts on “Food, Travel, Kitchens, Chefs, Stilettos & Eating = Fabulous News

  1. Congrats, Bren! Yes, as you say, the TV/Entertainment business is made of deals that fall through and answers you never get, but it was worth it. I am so happy for you.

  2. The Cat has finally escaped from her bag! Bren, I told you, you are a true natural in anything you put your heart and mind too! I’m extremely filled with JOY for YOU, YOU know that! As I read this post– it brought tears of Joy, because I know your heart and your work ethic and all you are trying to achieve! SUCCESS is your middle name! B So (SUCCESSFUL) Chic! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you at the Launch party. We SHALL celebrate inbetween shoots when you arrive back to ATL!

    Cheers my friend, Cheers!!

  3. Congratulations Miss “B” you are not only chic, but beautiful, talented and brave. You deserve all the good things that are happening to you girl 🙂 yay! more spanglish!

  4. FELICIDADES, hija. Te lo mereces. Tus esfuerzos al fin tienen recompensa. Felicidades muchas felicidades. ¡Exito!

  5. Tia! so proud and happy for you. I like taking your makeup off when you come home late at night. Maybe I can come to Atlanta with you!

  6. Bren, I’m thrilled to pieces for you! If anyone has worked hard and deserves this opportunity, it’s you. Congratulations, and here’s to a future full of nothing but good things!

  7. Wow! Friends! I’m so humbled by all of your comments, luv, support, encouragement and general happiness for me! A lot of you have been with me since this all started. Thank you. For the newer ones, thank you for sticking around and watching all of this happen. I’m very passionate about what I do and if you get to know me through my blog, you’ll know that I love to talk. Too much sometimes. Blame it on the espresso! 😉 This project is very exciting and ONLY the beginning of really beautiful things I’ve been working on. I’m so, so thankful for you continued visits and hope you don’t go no where! 🙂 Yup, no where! 😉 Big, grateful hugs! B-

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