Gala Apple Granité w/Marinated Langoustine & Celeriac; And a Challenge

A few weeks ago I posted a warm and fall-esque recipe using some fresh apples I had just picked at a local farmers’ market. That post was part of my monthly participation with the 5 Star Makeover group. What I didn’t mention in that post or disclose to the rest of the group was that I was out of time and was biting some apples as I stared at the kitchen clock move forward. I was about to cheat, big time. Sort of. Concerned that I’d not get to make my dish at all, I messaged a good friend of mine… a spectacular chef I met years ago in Atlanta. Asked him to help me whip up a dish highlighting apples. This guy answered faster than  I could convince myself to go forward and make my dish.

He actually beat me to it. After very brief back and forth on Facebook, he sends me this divine recipe. I didn’t give him any parameters other than the requisite use of apples — especially the ones I had  in hand. Not only did he come through for me (and you) all the way, but he didn’t take any shortcuts. His last question was “should I simply this for the home cook?” I said  “nope.”

And so here you go! A delicately executed dish using gala apples, langoustine and clergy. It’s absolutely stunning, full of complexity in the right places and just a touch of brightness for this fall. Since I don’t eat shellfish, I’m going based on my natural instinct and food/cooking knowledge.

The fun part?!?! I’m going to recreate this and adjust it to my diet and lifestyle! How great is this about to get?! Can you even imagine what I’ll substitute the langoustine with?

If you’re up for recreating this, message me! I’d love to feature your take on this lovely dish.

For now, enjoy this from Chef Colby Cooper, former Sous Chef at Zaytinya, a José Andres concept and now at  Buddakan in Philadelphia!

Thanks to him for the image, taken on his iPhone. Gotta love the work mode of busy  restaurant chefs!

* come back for my recreation on Oct. 29th! 


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0 thoughts on “Gala Apple Granité w/Marinated Langoustine & Celeriac; And a Challenge

  1. This seriously made my mouth water as soon as I saw it. I love how refreshing this looks and the lovely combination of flavors.

  2. I had trouble understanding this recipe at the beggining. I got confused with the word “granite”, I mis-understood thinking you were talking about a type of stone, not shaved ice… duh to me!!!!!

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