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Simplest Red Wine Reduction Sauce With Mushroom & Rosemary

Wine reduction sauce

The nerves up in my parent’s house are a bit off kilter. One of my brother’s is getting married on Sunday, in Hawaii, and there is still a whole lot of planning and packing to do.

While I’m mentally organizing and scheduling posts, among developing interest in packing, my mother on the other hand is moving around like an uncontrollable maniac trying to make a formal sit down dinner. Yes, those are nice and we do them quite often. But, when there are about 20 things to check off the “to do” list in less than 48 hours, dinner for 6 just doesn’t seem so feasible.

Theirs is a Cuban home after all, so my mother will make sure we eat well and in our customary fashion. No matter what is going on. Earlier today she picked up 8 really great looking top sirloins. She was going to simply pan sear them, when my father suggested grilling them outside. It’d been raining all day, so that was not happening. I enter the kitchen and offered to make this super simple yet sophisticated wine reduction sauce to go over the sirloin.

Everyone but my meatless sister was game. Well, and my other brother (not the one getting married). Those two wanted the basic pan seared steak and a back up chicken breast.

And, so as it goes in this house, mom seasoned and seared the steaks while I made the sauce. Mami was also making arroz congri (black beans & rice cooked together to make a dark brown/grayish looking rice), which gave me time to really reduce the wine.

I used a mid-ranged cab sauvignon.

Wine reduction sauce steak

I made this sauce for my parents last week and both loved it. That made it easy for me to get away with taking longer than they all wanted. These things take time, you know. Boil, whisk, reduce heat, whisk, etc….

The sauce is robust in flavor and aroma. It’s simple.  I snatched 3 sprigs from the fresh rosemary they have in the garden, which you can see here. That added a really nice element without overpowering the mushrooms, which augmented the meatiness to the tender steak.

And the wine; well, what can you say about wine? Everything is better with wine!

Wine reduction sauce

This recipe is a straight up made up one, with no point of reference or prior making. I simply added ingredients I knew would work well together. The only challenge was ensuring it was a sauce thick enough my parents would actually enjoy with their steak. Thick tomato sauces rule around here, so anything with less substance can be tricky.

Dinner chatter involved airport arrival time, me opting not to eat my mother’s best rice so that I can fit into my dress on Sunday and my sister borderline insulting me by calling my fine sauce, “drunken mushrooms”!

Dinner happened so fast, and I was already being criticized for wanting to take pictures of everything that I wasn’t able to plate my meal to photograph the whole experience for you. I did the get sauce, however.

Here’s to you making an easy wine reduction sauce. Try it and let me know if you like it. What would you add or do differently?

UPDATE: I’ve modified the recipe and shared it a new post in this link. Both are great but one may appeal to your palate or for your cooking needs. 🙂 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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20 thoughts on “Simplest Red Wine Reduction Sauce With Mushroom & Rosemary

  1. Ok ok ok the sauce actually was good, well atleast from what i gathered since all i ate were a few of the drunken mushrooms with my chicken breast. No insult at all (what do u expect from the funny one? U have to admit, it is rather funny! Lol). Funny as my comment may have been to me, the sauce looked, smelled, and tasted great. Well done once again. And hey, Dad really liked it. Kuddos to u!

  2. The sauce sounds delicious! I must ask, do you really mean 3 TABLESPOONS of sugar? Just sounds a lot to me!

  3. JSG: Ooops! Thanks for catching that. It is supposed to read two (2) tsp. of sugar! So gooood, though!

    Rosa: It was so good and like Lil B says (my sis) it worked over her chicken breast, too!

    Lil B: Finally, “fancy” food you like! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Keeping it simple works best for you, I know, I know! 🙂

  4. first, I think drunken mushrooms is a compliment. Second, I think they should have a sitcome about your family: I’d watch. And third, have a great time in Hawaii.

  5. Hmmm, first things first: the sauce was really good! as was the rest of the food. Great pic, as well.
    Now for the meaty part, namely, the comment about a sitcom: I agree it’s about time to do it 🙂

  6. Val: it sure was! I’m going to start incorporating it into my no fuss recipes… goes with a lot and best with high grade steaks!

    Olga: Girl, you don’t even know the half of it. Cameras need to be rolling up in here 24 hours a day. Like right now, a mean game of dominoes is going on! 3 yet have packed and mom’s got dinner marinating! Ha! I love that you’d watch!

    David: Right!! I’ve been telling you FOR YEARS to let cameras in the house!!

  7. bueno eso si estubo delicioso.cy lo digo por que la hice y me quedo riquisimo mi esposo se quedo maravillado de lo rico que me quedo .le recomiendo a todos que lo hagan se van a chupar los dedos gracias chef. betty–

  8. Sounds like a great combination. The steaks look good. I know your moms hooked it up.

  9. It tasted good even though I’ve never had mushrooms before–it was my first time ever eating mushroom sauce and I loved it. Nice job Tia!

  10. Chef Fresco: I guarantee this one is super simple and extremely robust! Let me know if you try it. Time with fam is always great!

    Betty: ay tu sabes comes es papi! cual quier cosa que tenga vino y el se vuelve loco!

    Dullah: You know mami always hooks up anything you puts her hands on!!! I’m glad she loved the sauce.

    Eliana: Gracias, chica. todo quedo riquisimo!!

    Missy Foo: Ay, gracias, missy… ur so sweet. I’m glad you like Tia’s food! We all know how much of an appetite you have! lol

    Chris: I’ll gladly make it for you.. do you do steak?

  11. I’m planning to give this a shot tonight!! Only thing I’ll probably add is some garlic and Maui onions!! I’ll let you know how it turns out!

  12. Hi, I made this sauce and I just wanted to share with you my observation. I added half a beef cube and I found sauce much better connected with a whole meal.
    Thank you for this delicious recipe 🙂

  13. Where is the recipe???? It just looks like a random story with a picture of something yummy. misleading and kind of annoying.

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