Valentine’s Red Velvet w/Oreo Cookie & GODIVA Chocolate Brownie Bars

There was a time I enjoyed making decadent treats for the man in my life. But then my friend Chris started dropping off all kinds of sinful goodies at  my door while I was in Atlanta. She spoiled me rotten with rich treats.  These days, I’m canvassing the options for the right one who regards the importance of my own need to indulge; the one that appreciates the many hours I spend whipping up meals for everyone except for myself. But  more importantly has a solid understanding of the passionate love affair I have with sweets. The joy of having someone else bake (or even buy if their ration calculation is off) some delights, makes me a really happy chica. While my efforts at weeding out the unworthy ones are not shaping up cordially, my friend Alicia has become my DC version of Chris. She showed up at my door last week with these little red velvet and Godiva chocolate truffle goodness bars after I shared this recipe with her.

Aren’t they oh so pretty. Like bite me now kinda of pretty. Dark chocolate. Sultry red and micro morsels of mas chocolate.

Nothing says “I adore you” better than a lovely wrapped box of gooey yum.

She got me. I’m such a sucker for chocolate. And when it’s specifically made for me, I’m even more entertained.

When I first saw the recipe, I was like, eh, those look really good. Super rich. Nice color combo and right up my alley. I even shared a link on my Facebook Page.

When she showed up with that pretty little box, all tied up, I couldn’t help but smile with regret. All this meant was that Mami would assume ownership and the rationing process would begin. I keep reminding her we are not in Cuba!

Lo and behold, 1/4 of of them was reserved for me. For this post, so not even a real opportunity to enjoy.

I won’t complain, though. In the spirit of the upcoming “holiday” we call Valentine‘s, expressing amor and appreciation for the finest people in our lives is the only thing we need to be worried about. Mami probably loves desserts more than I do, so there’s no way I could ever  deprive her of smiling with popping taste buds.

Interestingly, the bars were good. Not the Cranberry Bliss Bars I shared recently, but good enough to share  with everyone and talk about (and obviously share here!). They were fabulous in flavor, but really difficult to cut, even with a warm knife. Alicia followed most of the recipe, though she substituted a few things and I previously suggested some minor modifications to compliment my palate and baking style — because yes, somehow I knew she was going to surprise me with them. Ultimately she made them more fudge-y — just my style. A fudgy brownie.

I’m thinking that worked well.

More sharing. I left the bars out for the fam and some drive-by friends to nibble on. They finally saw the last of the parchment box  on Sat. night.

I say they’re worth the time making and definitely a luscious way to tell someone this week how much you love and adore them.

Even if they’re not into desserts, there’s always something extraordinary about sweet gestures. Plus, if you pair it with a frothy double Cuban espresso like I did the 1st time, the better the chocolate will taste and the more of the crumbling pieces you can dunk in the cafécito. Now, that’s sexy right there.

Though, if I get any kinds of sweet goodness this week, my heart would flutter most if it came from the opposite sex. Or my Dad…. he’s always good for making sis and me feel like the only princesses in the world every February 14th.

Make. Share. Love.  

And, if you make, do let me know. I’m super curious to see how yours turn out! In the meantime, go on and PIN these little guys. To delectable not to! 


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  1. What do you know! Had no idea that was a cake mix at the bottom. It’s cool when you can dress up packaged desserts and make them into a completely different and sophisticated version!

  2. bueno esto,tuve el gusto de hacerlo y me quedo rico aunque no ta rico como esperaba pero rico al fin.

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