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Get Motivated! 7 Key Things To Breakthrough Your Fitness Plateau

Don’t feel like your consistent efforts are showing after weeks and weeks of training? You’re consistently eating all the right foods and the scale doesn’t budge.  You’re giving it 110% and still feel like your body goals aren’t getting any closer. That your fitness goals are an unattainable dream.  You may have hit was is called a Plateau. A period where you are not progressing in your workouts over a period of time.  Don’t feel discouraged for this is very common and I can help you breakthrough this performance block. Here are 7 key things you can do to breakthrough your plateau:

1. Change up your workout routine

When your body fails to respond to your consistent training. One of the important things you may need to reassess is your exercise regimen. Performing the same exercise routine for an extended period of time can cause your body to become accustomed and stop responding, causing you to hit a plateau.  Increasing the intensity of your workouts can help revitalize your metabolism and jumpstart your weight-loss and muscle growth.

Also, increasing your dumbbells or barbells by 5 to 10 pounds can also help push you through your plateau. Download a timer app and challenge yourself to keep the same pace and intensity the entire workout.  I love to set my timer for a total of 30 minutes with 60 second intervals of activity with 30 seconds of rest after each set. Now go challenge yourself – SET GO!

2. Modify your nutrition plan and track your calories

Another key factor in pushing through your plateau is keeping a close eye on your food intake. Tracking your calories is very integral in the success of your weight goals. If you find that your progress has come to a complete halt. Whether you’re trying to gain or lose weight, you may need to adjust your caloric intake. A slight increase or decrease can be the determining factor of how efficiently and effectively you reach your goals.

The use of nutrition tracking apps can be very helpful in tracking your calories without having to guesstimate or eliminate your favorite food groups. Therefore, you can have fun spicing up your nutrition plan and achieve your goals at the same time! Who said weight loss can’t be fun!

3. Find an Accountability Partner/ Hire a trainer

Training alone is one of the biggest hurdles we all face when trying to maintain consistency in the gym. We all have those days when we just don’t feel like going and wish we had that one person there to motivate us! For times like this, having a committed accountability partner can be a saving grace and also add a little fun to your workouts.

An accountability partner is someone who helps you maintain your commitment to accomplish your goals. This partnership typically provides a mutual benefit for both parties.  Therefore, when you need that little nudge to break through your plateau…phone a friend and encourage them to join you on your fitness journey!

4. Go to bed Early

Many take pride in chasing the midnight oil and equate sleeping with being lazy. In actuality, sleep is critical in maintaining your overall health. The lack of sleep can decrease your metabolism creating weight gain, induce cravings or cause your weight goals to stagnate.

If you’re following your nutrition plan to a tee and still unable to achieve the expected progress. The improvement of your sleep can push you through your plateau and re-ignite your metabolism. As simple as it may seem, sleep controls your diet! Therefore, don’t be afraid to tuck in a little early and get some extra Zzzzzz….your body will thank you for it.

5. Reassess your goals

If you’ve been performing the same exercises and not seeing any progress. It maybe time to reassess your goals. Many times, we think that we can follow a cookie-cutter workout plan and obtain our desired results. However, we forget to factor in our work schedule, family commitments and other adulthood responsibilities that causes us to lose our focus and not maintain consistency. Therefore, it’s best to structure a regimen that fits your specific lifestyle.

If you only have a limited time in the morning to workout before you begin work or your family awakes.  Design a quick 30 minute HIIT session that you can perform consistently throughout the week. In contrast, if your schedule is very chaotic and no two days are the same. Creating a bodyweight HIIT-style regimen will allow you the flexibility and versatility to perform your exercises anywhere. This fluid approach will help you maintain your goals and push through your plateau!

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6. Turn Up! Spice up your music playlist

Sometimes your prescribed workout regimen may cause for you to perform the same routine for weeks. The motivation to remain consistent can increasingly become more difficult. If you feel like your workout regimen is becoming stale, spice it up! Add a little hip-hop, pop, jazz or any vibes that will get your energy up and blood flowing to push through your last rep! Finding that melodic beat to match the intensity of your workout may be all you need to push yourself to the next level.

7. Buy new workout clothes

You’ve heard it before….When you look good,  you feel good! Nothing makes you feel like a winner than some new gear. You’ve been working insanely hard towards your weight goals and that initial excitement of working out is beginning to wane. An immediate self-booster can be as simple as purchasing some new leggings, a more supportive sports bra or a sassy crop top with a catchy phrase.

Before you give up and feel like you’ve hit that plateau wall that you can’t overcome. Grab your accountability partner and hit up your favorite store to grab some new workout clothes. Then hit the gym together like the rockstars that you are!

The next time you hit a plateau wall, build a bridge and get it over it with my 7 fun recommendations. See you on the other side! Let’s GO!

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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5 thoughts on “Get Motivated! 7 Key Things To Breakthrough Your Fitness Plateau

  1. Until you adjust your diet, training will not give great results, I absolutely agree! You can see my favorite shoulder exercises in this article. It is also important to understand that the key to success is regularity, frequency of training and proper nutrition.

  2. It’s not too late to start working out at any age – it’s always good for the body. Absolutely all OB/GYN specialists, mid-wives, and fertility experts believe that exercise should be an important part of every woman’s life. However, it should be understood that not every sport is useful for women’s health. Need to be guided not only by their preferences, but also the recommendations of experts. Depending on the period of life, health and body needs, women should choose a particular type of fitness.

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