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A Balanced Out Convo With Michael Ruhlman About Ratios!

For months now I’ve been developing a new section of the blog where I merge my published writing based on interviews of major food players (chefs, writers, resto owners, TV personalities, etc..). But, life calls, trips are thrown at me and then I’m just pure exhausted sometimes, and so new section, yet! But, I’m happy to say the roll out of the new look is forthcoming in 2 weeks and in it you will find all kinds of virtual trysts with the big cats!

First up: Michael Ruhlman. This, very candid and seemingly shy guy (and food writer guru) and I had been oscillating for a while now on talking about his new book, RATIO: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking. A few weeks ago, I finally had the wonderful and very laid back chance to talk with Michael about his perfect ratio concept, why he thinks recipes don’t really work and why he won’t be on TV anytime soon; at least permanently!

Oh yes, and that sexy kitchen of his I would take refuge in any day!

Though The New York Times gave his 3-2-1 approach to cooking rave reviews, hear Ruhlman disagree with their classification as a non-beginner book. His piece in The L.A. Times explains his thought process and makes it clear; yes, even to the beginner, that ratios of ingredients vs “set amounts” makes for less complicated cooking.  If you rely heavily on cookbooks, Ruhlman offers you a new perspective. Tres-Dos- Uno! I get it! How many times have friends asked me for recipes and I’m like “huh, what? for real.” I’m an instinct type of person. I go with the flow and let the aromas and texture do the talking! Ruhlman’s is more scientific, but the result is what you want: a perfect dough!


(print version will be published in Atlanta’s Finest Dining in Sept.)

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(14 minutes total)

I didn’t tell Michael this, but he’s a great candidate for print modeling! His head shots are so clean! Now go on, visit his blog, pick up a copy of RATIO and order his chart! You’ll be able to conquer anything in the kitchen!

(though I don’t recommend throwing out your cookbooks!)

Other books by Michael Ruhlman:

The Soul of a Chef * The Making of a Chef * Elements of Cooking *

*The Reach of a Chef*


Winner of Science of Good Food announced plus a sexy carrot ginger salad perfect for everyday and posh parties!


Paquito D’Rivera! (Latin jazz virtuoso, 11 time Grammy winner and dot dot dot!!)

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0 thoughts on “A Balanced Out Convo With Michael Ruhlman About Ratios!

  1. Congrats on scoring this interview.  That’s a big deal, and it was great.  Very interesting to listen to.  Maybe we should read that big for some tips!

  2. I like him because he’s from my hometown of Cleveland.  I haven’t read any of his books, but now I will!

  3. Duo: i’m going to pick up the book, too! I’ve skimmed through it but not fully!
    LoriLynn: I’m curious, too! I’m not big into the whole concept, but I think i’ll work!
    Nineette: Pick it up and let me know how much you love it!
    Ivy: thanks Ivy, it really is a lot of un and informative to get to know all these great people!

  4. Hey Chica-  Congrats on the interview, did you say you were having a give away?   I’m sorry I have been MIA friend, but I am reading and always thinking about your fabulous adventures = )

  5. I enjoyed your interview with Ruhlman and I think he’s right in that his ratio approach would be very helpful for a beginner cook. Great interview! Thanks so much for sharing it!!

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