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{B! Fly} 10 Must-Have Goodies for International Trips: Spain Edition

I haven’t been traveling much this year because of a lot of work and personal time I’ve had to take off. But as I get ready to enjoy a much-needed 10-days journey to Spain, I’m reminded of all the mishaps I’ve made over the last 20 years of traveling to 32 countries. I’ve nailed down my packing list to a science. No question that ‘the essentials’ are the top priority when packing, no matter where you’re off to! They make the trip a hit or miss. Different trips require different kinds of goodies, but for an international trip, these are the essentials I swear make traveling so much easier and comfortable.

Though there are 30 other things I could suggest, these are my top 10 I cannot function without. What are your essentials? Drop below!

Comfortable + Cute Sneakers

Who remembers these Reebok ‘Classic’?! I had about 3 pairs in HS so when I saw them in rose gold while prepping for this trip, I had to snatch them. They will go with everything from shorts, to jeans, to denim skirts and even casual dresses. They’re called “Classics” for a reason.


Keep your eyes safe and incognito with chic and practical sunglasses. I’ve not 3 pairs of pretty pricey sunglasses in the last 18 months (including my fab Ray Bans in the pic above) and I’m tapped out. No more wallowing over my favorite sun-blockers. I now go for the an inexpensive pair when traveling. Because if I lose them, at least I won’t shed tears and can easily replace them. These featured Ray Bans are exactly cheap but they are pretty and en trend.


For every imaginable situation. Cold on the plane, in a restaurant, this is the perfect accessory to staying warm and cozy in the moment.  Hot? Stick it in your bag. Find a pattern or color scheme that will go with everything you’re packing.



I am an admitted germaphobe. I take hand sanitizer everywhere. Have one in every bag I own. I squeeze a good amount before I walk into a place, once I’ve walked into the place. Before I sit down. It’s probably too much but you never know where people are putting their hands on all of the services you touch. Minimize the risk of getting sick while traveling. Sanitize, good friends. I sanitize every time I think about it. I swear by the 365 lavender one from Whole Foods. It smells lovely, isn’t sticky and actually moisturizes a bit.

Beauty Bronzer 

It’s still summer in Europe and while ideally you’d be basking in the sun, a light and well-shaded bronzer is the perfect powder to hide imperfections but also give you that natural glow. I’ve been using this new LUMI one by L’Oreal on TV an I love it. It’s light and doesn’t cake at all. Find the right shade for you. Comes in three different ones. I’ve already gone through one so I’m making a beeline for Tarjay this weekend. Need more.


The older I get the more vigilant I’ve become about my skin and overall health. I spend a lot of time outdoors on my bike and have started to see the difference in my face and neck area. Even though ‘Black Don’t Crack’, I’m out here doing all kinds of preventative things to make sure it doesn’t have a chance to. Sunblock has become my new BFF. Literally take it everywhere with me. I even rub down my earlobes. Since I’ll be in southern Spain, in the Mediterranean, specifically, under that lovely Costa del Sol kinda sun, I need all the SPF I can get. I start with at least 70. Treat your body right. No alligator skin here.


Hey sexy playlist will go along way during the long flights, train rides, or just relaxing on the beach or rooftop pools. Find one that reminds you of home but also makes you feel the energy of the paradise you are enjoying. I love the Weekly discovery playlists on the different streaming apps. I’m digging this one, appropriately called Ibiza!

Crossbody bag 

Clutches can stay at home. Work bags for sure. Cross body bags are probably the most essential thing for me when I travel. Find one that’s big enough to shove your phone, make up bag, wallet, lipgloss and all the other small essentials. I travel with us more Jacobs one everywhere I go. Different compartments keep the more important things to safe and really tucked. Don’t drop whole bunch of coins one one just for a single trip… Trust that you always find something to buy when traveling!


Been rocking thees for a few year and love them. They’ve become a bit bulky for my current taste but the sound and battery life is solid. Go for a slimmer, ear bud option if these are too much for you.


Don’t leave home without one! This is a lifesaver especially when traveling overseas and needing to connect to Wi-Fi or make phone calls. Whether it’s an external one or a battery case like this Apple one, having a spare battery is key to survival. You want to be juiced up, for sure!

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Happy globetrotting!

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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