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{B! Happy} IB Island-Inspired Jewelry

Door Signage
IB Designs Boutique
IB Designs exterior
Pendant options: Lavi, Strength, and Gratitude
Bangles, bangles, bangles! That far 2 left ‘West Indian’ is a stunner! So is the ‘Jingle Jangle’ right next to it.
The Strength Ring

Need some happy in your life? Book a flight to St. Croix and stay for 8 days! You’ll never be the same.  It’s quickly become one of my favorite Caribbean islands to visit, next to my own Cuba, of course. It’s sexy, it’s quiet, full of history, has good food, and some spectacular beaches. You can’t help but stay in a good mood.

My 1st visit in 2011 was so good, I went back in 2013 for their Food & Wine Experience. I had way more down time during the 1st visit but with the limited personal moments, I still found a way to escape and scour the the best little boutique and fabulous finds. In the super quiet side of Christianstead, Kris Masciott and her husband own IB Designs, short for Island Boy, a super boho chic handmade jewelry boutique. I landed there via some recommendations and instantly fell in love with their vibe.

A stucco wall which you face as you enter, welcomes you with a happy, positive note for the day. No attitudes allowed. I’m guess it’s part of their tactic to keep you happy enough to want to buy… and I did on my 2nd visit. After an hour of staring at beautifully hammered silver everything, and organically hand molded gold, I walked away with my favorite gold hoop earrings ever.

Gold hammered hoop earrings via my Instagram

These hammered lovelies are my go to when I want to be simple but dramatic. I don’t need anything else to go with them. And they’re so funky fresh 70s with a modern twist.

I’ve worn them here, while cooking on TV and rocked here while in AZ, and about 10 other places. Now that my hair is super short, they look even better.

But I was really impressed with their silver bangles. They each have a wildly unique flow and design. And each have a different name identifying a sentient or pertinent life value. Everything is done in the studio, right there in the uber small space. Custom-design a piece, too. They’re totally flexible. Remember, it’s an island company — and as such, they’re always happy.

So I had to walk away with the sterling silver West Indian twisted bangle and the Jingle Jangle, both which have made many “arm candy” appearances on Instagram!

Blueish kind of day via my Instagram

Now I’m just trying to get my hands on the Jingle Jangle ring. Love, love, love it. It sings to me.

When you go to St. Croix, make it a point to visit them and sip some of their happy juice and walk away from something special. The pieces will last you a lifetime and always transport you to the palmy island when ever you wear them. Oh, and get a massage on the beach from Corey. My goodness, life there is just too good.

I’ll be back soon!

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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4 thoughts on “{B! Happy} IB Island-Inspired Jewelry

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