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{Beauty Bloom} Vibrant Summer Colors & Moisturizing Skin with This Season’s Latest

I’m not sure what’s really going on here in DC. Two weeks ago, it was bordering 90. I felt like I was in Mexico. Yesterday, it was 62 and I had to wear a thick sweater to stay warm. I can’t decide what shoes to wear, what hat to rock and feel like a trip to my storage unit is necessary almost every other day.
It kind of sucks. I wish the Universe would just decide on one season. At least for a month. That’s be great. Thank God we’ve not had super dreary days where I default to wearing like-muted tones to complement the cosmos. Even my makeup is affected. If it’s dark and gloomy out, I love to rock a bright pink lip and smokey eye. When it’s sunny out, I love to do a pale, more neutral color all over.
Assuming the weather is going to finally settle into the high 70s with beautiful sun, I’m perusing my new stash of beauty products and makeup looks and deciding on what my go to regimen is shaping up to for the Spring and as I transition into summer.
These are the first few must-haves for all beauty lovers. They’re divine, pretty, just what every fashionable chica needs to look and feel the part. Summer’s not always so forgiving on our skin so we must handle it and do it up!
Pretty Colors 
I’m madly in love with Estée Lauder’s newest Mad Men collection. Talk about a gorgeous vintage throwback. Tiffany blue and  yellow mixed on enamel for a cheek compact? In a leatherette pouch? Why wouldn’t you want to show this off on the perfect date night or girls’ Sunday brunch?  Even if it’s working at your desk from home?! Use it. Your work will be more productive.
The collection also has a perfectly nude polish and pink lip color that looks more nudish on girls my complexion.
If you’re looking for an instapop on your cheek  the cello shots by EL does the job. Creative director at the brand designed a gel like pump tube that gives you a super intense level of pigmentation. Pass on the brush and just rub these pretty colors on your cheek bones. The hot pink works on me really pretty especially when I’m tanned.  This is cute and perfect for carrying everywhere. I’m good for forgetting a brush and blush compact. This solves that problem!
Aerin  also came out with a nude collection that’s great for day looks. It’s light, simple and doesn’t clash with anything you may be fancying. The sunset lipgloss, not blaring at all, is some and essential for layering over any lip stain you’re wearing. If you need more color for evening ‘hot fuse’ lip gloss is gorgeous with its dark coral hue. Kind of reminds me of persimmon.
I’ve not tried it yet but the Lush Cosmetics illuminators have me lusting makeup like a new Louboutin purchase. Seriously. Not sure why I’m only now getting hip to this Canadian brand, but I bumped into the Georgetown store two weeks ago. I spent 90 minutes playing around and lost my mind. I’m sure the salesgirls thought I was crazy. I stationed myself right in front of the mineral makeup section and didn’t move. Since I couldn’t decide on what looked best (truthfully, they all did), I walked away with a sad face.
Must go back again to make a decision.
SPFs & Moisturizers
Before I even apply my facial lotion I’m loving the Bare Minerals super light spf 20 for days I’m not doing it up too much. The sample sizes are great for keeping in every bag you switch out of and the car, of course. But for extended outdoor exposure, Estée’s DayWear with a level 50 protection is mid-weight and perfect for fighting wrinkles, which fortunately I’m not seeing signs of… yet 🙂
EL’s pure perfectionist line corrector goes well with the DayWear to rally mask any lines the sun wants to surface. The more you hydrate your skin, the more you’ll shave a few years off that birth certificate! ;
Nothing new to the market this season, Artistry has been consistently faithful to me. And so I’m faithful back.  My most favorite must over anything else wear before I start my routine is Artistry Beauty‘s spf 50 sunscreen from their Time Defiance collection. This right here is everything! Not only is it the absolute best lotion that doesn’t leave a chalky mess on your face or greasy feeling, it’s the perfect size and actually does the trick. I never have to go light on the amount for fear of having a ghost face. It spreads evenly and adds a bright of brightener, too.  And since it fit everywhere, I take it everywhere, I need one of these in every makeup bag (because yes, I switch out makeup bag twice a week!).

If only I can buy a big jug and refill the little pocket sized one, I would! I think I heard somewhere that a recent poll over over 1,000 women, Artistry’s moisturizer was preferred over other major brands. I can vouch for that.

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There are so many lovely products this Spring we can all frolic in, but for now, these are the ones I’m gravitating to on a daily basis. Of course, there’s the nail color trend, the different eyeshadow/mascara looks I’m exploring, perfume scents, and the perfect makeup brush set review I’m having loads of fun with.

I’ll pick up on those more essentials in a short after I’m decided their worth sharing.

What are you using for some pretty color pops?

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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  1. I love Artistry and Estee Lauder. Both are such solid brands. Good mix up of prods you're using. Any nail colors you're loving?

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