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Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Without Oprah or Jay Z (ft. Delvin Joyce)

Welcome back to Live! at the Hive. Episode 4 is one I’ve been waiting on because I just love my special guest! Before we get into the show, I start with my inspo thought for week and that is of service.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. – GHANDI

INTRO to GUEST, Delvin Joyce

My friend, former NY Giants running back, and financial adviser with Prosperity Wealth Group, Delvin Joyce, joins me for a lengthy but very important conversation about America’s financial system and culture, specifically the racial wealth gap and generational wealth disparities. He shares his expert perspective on the genesis of the systemic disparity and offers ways to do close the gap.


Should We Look to Jay Z, Oprah, Byron Allen and Other Billies to Close the Racial Wealth Gap?

The Roots.com published a video piece suggesting that Black and Brown America look to Black billionaires to save us from our financial woes. I wholly disagree with the premise of the argument. Delvin addresses the culture of saving our families once we’ve achieved a certain financial status. I argue we are lacking community, which is essential to building and creating opportunities that can facilitate generational wealth. While Delvin and I agree on most points, we disagree on how to get to financial wellness. Key points:

  • The role hip-hop played — or not — in building Jay-Z
  • The lack of community
  • First generation wealth builders and the collective responsibility to family
  • Intentionality in wealth-building objectives
  • Estate planning, life insurance, budgeting
  • Find a financial adviser and become educated
  • Have money conversations at home
  • Social indifference 

NCAA Pays Their Athletes

As a former NY Giant, Delvin is against paying NCAA athletes for their name and likeness. I fully support the legislation. We debate our points and look at the pros and cons of college kids getting paid above and beyond full scholarships. We don’t really resolve the concept of macro vs. micro benefits for athletes getting compensated. Delvin is adamant that the line has to be drawn somewhere. But where? This conversation led to equal pay for women and the real lack of.

This week’s Word of the Day was challenging but Delvin almost got it. Almost. But we totally butchered the word. Ha. Make sure to listen to that piece.

Palimpsest (n): a manuscript or piece of writing material on which the original writing has been effaced to make room for later writing but of which traces remain.


We remember rapper Juice WRLD who died of an overdose while travelling from Chicago to the Bahamas. Delvin and I got a bit sidetracked talking about drug addiction in the US’s youth population.

For help with drug addiction and substance abuse, please call 1800-662-HELP(4357). Or, visit National Helpline website.

In the Brazilian amazon, “guardian angels” protecting the land are killed again by people trying to wipe away the indigenous culture. This conversation invited a deeper exploration in words and how other cultures use terms of endearment to refer to each other. Specifically, we talk about the word “monkey” and how it’s racist if a white person calls a black person that, but in Cuba, the word “monkey” means someone who is acting silly; or also, a denim jumper.

Greta Thunberg is named Person of Year by Time’s Magazine. We discuss how kids these days are so much more “woke” than we were when we were teenagers. What were you fighting for at 16?!


This week’s Wishlist is all over the place but super funny (and kinda gross). I share my top seven for the week, with the horrible (a very first world problem) act of manufacturer’s not adding enough chips in the bag topping the list.  I found a meme on Facebook with a guy who is walking around with signs of everyday annoying occurrences and it struck a major chord. It is spot on and I want to befriend the guy. Check it out!

And, Lizzo…let’s talk about Lizzo and her cheek(y) appearance during a Laker’s game. Sis, sit down. I love your music, but that behavior is not representative of self-love and self-empowerment.

{MAKE THIS: Mint Julep Cocktail}

Delvin shares a wish on his list also, which includes people farting in flights. I get it.


I finally end the episode with a charge  to give up a little bit of our time to our neighbors and community; to be very intentional about serving and sharing our time with those in need, especially during the holidays when so many people are lonely and in need of time, attention, and love.

Thanks for tuning in!

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Racial Wealth Gap

NCAA Approves Paying Athletes

Brazilian Amazon Guardian Angels and Indigenous Leaders are Killed

Charitable Giving: Why It’s Crucial to Success and Happiness

For help with drug addiction and substance abuse, please call 1800-662-HELP(4357). Or, visit National Helpline.


Host: Bren Herrera

Executive Producer: Bren Herrera

Segment Producer: Bren Herrera

Engineer: Tyrone Littman

Editing: Tyrone Littman 

Music + Lyrics: Eddie Valoy and Bren Herrera

Cover Photography: Audrey Wong

Art Design: James Long 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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4 thoughts on “Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Without Oprah or Jay Z (ft. Delvin Joyce)

  1. Always very thought provoking. Concerning episode 4, I realize the discussion was about ethnic financial disparity, however, I missed any discussion about the gap between women and men. As a woman, I know you are concerned about this issue. I would also like to have heard from Delvin about what percentage of his clients, as a financial adviser, are women or non-white.
    Can’t wait to hear your next episode. Love the Wish List segment.

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