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How Dress Cool for Hot + Humid Summer Days

Summer this year in DC has been remarkably hot and foul. It’s known for its humidity and lack of cool breeze but this solstice has met us with a painful wave of temperatures hovering around and lingering in the 90s. It’s that kind of wet heat that chokes you and makes you feel like life is simply about survival.

My days of getting chic every day, no matter what, seem far less and few in between as I spend more and more time on my bike. The process of slipping on jeans or skirts, cute tops, strappy sandals and even the slightest amount of makeup, is almost a chore. It’s far easier to wake up, shower add throw on atheleisure wear which is what I’ll end up rocking anyway.

There’s the reality of intense days where the bike is a wishful proposition and I have to hit the streets, chasing clients, projects and teaching the masses how to live their best life, cooking, and appearing on TV. On those days, which are exponentially increasing as cycling season is tapering, I’m finding powerful moments in getting reacquainted with my wardrobe. After all, I have an dressing room I never talk about.

Since I’m still existing in a contemplative state of leaving D.C., the easiest get up for me is a simple dress, sneakers and a hat just in case I hit a humidity wall

While lunching with a friend last week and internally praying the glass of rosé would mitigate scorching heat,  I thought I’d share my tips for staying cool on unreasonable hot summer days without compromising your chic, your level of comfort, or your sanity are simple:


I go with black if I can because if I’m outdoors for extended amounts of time and I start sweating, the color will hide any unsexy sweat marks. Let’s keep it real. It happens to the most sexy of us.


If you have wild and curly hair like mine, you already know the humidity will cause your Lion King audition to be bumped up. If that kind of mane is not your thing, or your curls are getting stuck to the back of your neck, sweep it up under a cute hat.


Because a big bag carries all the amenities to staying cool: wipes, gloss, mascara, water bottles, flip flops, etc.


There’s nothing worse (or unattractive) than your feet swelling in the heat (from water retention) and all of sudden your feet look like mini sausages squeezing out of your sandals. Sneakers with dresses is super chic and 1000% more comfortable. I’m in love with the look more than I ever thought I’d admit.


Always protect the eyes from the rays. Always.


It started raining about 10 minutes after my friend took the last picture. I can’t make up this suff!

Stay cool and hydrated, beautiful people!


Sheer maxi dress via Neiman Marcus

Hat by Eugenia Kim

Sneakers by A.S. 98

Sunnies by Gucci

Bag via a friend in Tonga

Bangles: Black and Amber from Max Azria; Bone from Fiji

Gold hoop earrings via IB Designs, St. Croix


Images by John Clark, III Photography

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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5 thoughts on “How Dress Cool for Hot + Humid Summer Days

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