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#FlanFridays: Nutella with Rose Water. A Lovers’ Delight

Nutella Rose Water Flan

It’s that time of the year again when lovers unite in romantic gestures and actions. Valentine’s Day remains to be a mystery in my mind. I have the most mixed feelings about it. Perhaps because at my age, and to this day, I’ve never enjoyed a proper, by social standards anyway, lovers’ day. Well, except for that boy that gave me my first teddy bear, chocolates, and flowers. I was 12, I think. Not sure that really counts. But, maybe this year will be different. In anticipation of it going either way and allowing myself to enjoy the abundance of love I’m extended by so many in my life, I decided this year I’m not going to dwell on my desire to relish in the protocol dishes and chocolate candies. I’ll just stick to the basics, enjoying dark chocolate as I do every day. That way, I won’t be disappointed if turns out to be an ordinary day. But, for those of you getting ready to shower your significant other with all kinds of fancy merriment and tangible gifts of appreciation and love, I have a flan that’ll just beautifully complete the day.

A nutella and rose water flan. Oh my. I thought it’d only be fitting to bring #FlanFridays back (you know, a nice little break calls for a special comeback), with this over-the-top, insanely delicious, perfectly balanced, and uber sexy piece of amazingness. Yes it is really is all of that. Gently aromatic at its core, this particular flan embodies the love affair I (and you too, probably if you read food blogs), have with food. For me, the combination of a hazelnut chocolate spread sprinkled with delicate rose water I made for the first time — and will have to share later in a separate blog post — is decadent yet subtle and invites a dessert experience worthy to share with the most loved ones in your world. Plus, the almost perfectly dried mini rose buds as garnish (which are actually edible), top off this piece of heaven. The result is a perfume-y custard that invokes the most sincere  feelings from the core of your heart.  No one ever shunned a lovely scent that opens up the senses to affection and doting words, right?

Gently nibbling on this flan will do that to you.

After you gather yourself, let your lover try some. Or be inspired to make it for your Mami, sister, best girlfriend, or neighbor. While it’s pretty, it’s a wonderful treat to anyone you know likes sweets. And nutella. Take delight in making something out of sheer love.

Nutella and rose water flan

I’ve made nutella flans before but I opted out of incorporating it into the custard. Instead I infused rose water into the mix and into the carmel-making process too. With a small butter knife, I rustically covered the top of the flan with the chocolate. In contrast to the lamington-inspired flan, the texture of this one is smoother, allowing you to enjoy it all as one and not two individual components — though in that flan’s case, the two textures work.

Nutella and rose water flan

If you’re into baking and want to indulge yourself and that adored person in your life with a little awesomeness this Friday, I invite you make this. The effort and presentation alone will garner you added gratitude. And accolades for creativity.

Save the  box of chocolates for any other occasion.

*Email me for the recipe {bren at FlanboyantEats dot com}

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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