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#FlanFriday: The Drink That Shouldn’t Have Been a Flan. Ever. Not Even Coffee.

So today is a weird day. The rain has me feeling blah. I’m completely sleep deprived over a super fab whirlwind trip to the west coast for 12 hours. The on-and-off and Winter in D.C. has me anxious, anticipating what my next outfit’s going to be like. And to boot, I’m trying to figure out how to get Global Services on United Airlines after learning a good friend — whose uber successful career, I had every bit do with, by the way — but that’s a different story never to be entertained —- was personally invited by United’s CEO to be a GS member. My over-analytical mind got to churning when I found out, which happened to be earlier this week while killing time during my 5 hour layover in LA. No better way to do that than to grab some good food. A local friend scooped me up and we headed for sushi. Amazing is all I’ll say. But then a much-needed coffee tryst ensued a savory lunch and we headed to Starbucks for un poco de cafecito.

As I stood in line, contemplating my connection to Sacramento, I perused the menu and fixated myself on words I thought I’d never see in real life: Caramel Flan Latte. ¿Que, que?? Un café de flan? I’d heard of Starbucks’ latest, surely, with all the press and commercials blasted on the tube, with a nice dosage of #caramelflan mentions on Twitter. But I ignored the idea of it. Truthfully, I was partially insulted. Really, I was. Not sure why. I thought to myself: Really. Must Starbucks put their hands in every popular pot? (now, you know an Oprah Chai dig is coming). I mean, not everything the power house coffee comes across has to have their name on it.

So, I contemplated ordering it, asking the barista what she thought, to which she answered: “I love caramel, but this one wasn’t so great. I’m a flan fan but this didn’t do it for me.”

{I was thoroughly amused.}

And so she quickly affirmed my initial reaction to seeing it as an offering and went for my default order when ever I’m at Starbucks — at skinny vanilla latte, no foam at all, room for  bit more coffee, just in case.

But the idea of a caramel flan latte has stayed with me since seeing it on their chalkboard and I’ve not let it go. How could a latte be mirrored after a custard dessert? Surely, part, if not most of my disdain is that I make flan with my eyes closed; knowing all the intricacies and delicacies that go into making a perfect creme caramel. And tho I’ve made espresso flan, there’s nothing about my coffee that should ever taste like it has custard in it. Caramel? Okay, I’ll take that. A drizzle here and there. But not a Tall or Venti of faux dessert.

I’m being speculative, of course, of how it rates or even its texture, which is what I’m taking the contrarian position to. But I tend to be right on these matters in which I humbly consider myself an expert.

I’d let the idea go until I asked a Starbucks aficionado, aptly living in Seattle, if he’d tried the flan coffee. Oh, and I got so excited when his response was exactly this: “Smooth and sweet. A lot of caramel, not much flan.” He would know best, if no one else. He’s a true Starbucks fan. A loyal one with true passion for their blends and creations. In fact, that’s his picture above, with the caramel flan inside.


I’d thought so.

So, tell me, Starbucks. Indulge me. Just fancy me for once. From where did the idea come and why flan? I’m thinking you got word for my #FlanFriday series and my love affair with both the dessert and espresso and thought it was a genius idea to put them together? I mean, I have done a salted caramel espresso flan on a nationally known platform.

Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, to which I’d be so humbled; only I’m not reaping any benefit. But, I just don’t get the connection. The base of flan are eggs and sweetened condensed, milk, two ingredients not offered in a  standard cup of coffee, not even the best espresso drink. So I’m curious. Simply curious.

This below is a salted caramel flan. It’s a pie of sorts. A creamy, rich at times, decadent dessert, which you must absolutely enjoy with coffee.

But on the side.

Salted Caramel Flan

Friends. Do tellDo you think I should try it? Have you? If so, how was it? If you’ve had flan, then even more the reason why I’d love to hear your thoughts. Clearly, I’m giving Starbucks plenty of juice in this post, but it’s okay, after all, I do appreciate and commend their business model. Until this. This was just a personal failure.

Some things just need to stay in their lane.

Happy #FlanFriday! Enjoy this salted caramel flan here with a lovely cup of one of any of these espressos here. 🙂

*Starbucks cup picture c/of Ed Sargent

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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34 thoughts on “#FlanFriday: The Drink That Shouldn’t Have Been a Flan. Ever. Not Even Coffee.

  1. I think you should try it to ascertain what you think, then you can firmly say to Starbucks (maybe write a letter?).

  2. I wonder what an cuban espresso flan would taste like!!! Even through some coconut on top of that espresso. OMG

  3. Bren, you took the words right out of my mouth. I too have seen this coffee on Starbucks line-up. And I couldn’t believe my eyes. I would never try it because I know I couldn’t swallow it. Their blended drinks are too sweet and processed tasting. Other than their brewed coffee, nothing is made fresh. Their syrups and powders are made where and when??? There is nothing authentic about the drink. It’s insulting!

  4. As soon as I saw the Caramel flan latte this morning at Starbucks, I instantly thought of you and all the different flans you have made. Even pulled out my phone to share with you because I found it quite interesting to see it while standing in line. This one I will not try but I do enjoy flan, just not in a latte. As you stated only on the side.

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