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#FlanFridays: My Faves

I’ve made about 20 flans this week, so I need to take a breve break from all cream and caramel that’s taken over my kitchen in the last few days. The smells have put me into a coma and if I smell any more, I swear the pounds will pack on to the very thighs I’m struggling to tighten up before going to Dominican Republic next week.

And although it’s #FlanFridays, I simply couldn’t bring myself to make one more. Unless of course someone begged for one and threw in a pair of flaneras in there for me. But, I couldn’t complete my day without sharing my all top favorite ones that I’ve shared in the last 18 months, less the more recent ones like Mojito, Goat Cheese & Brandy Reduction, and though a bit older, the Nutella Espresso one. Gasp.

While pulling up all the recipes, I noticed that I’ve only talked about 15 28 or so! My gosh, I was convinced and was feeling pretty good that I’d published at least 30. Guess I’ll have to get to writing about all the other flavors I’ve conjured up. I have to pace myself, though, because 52 flans in one calendar year is just too much, right?!

Of the ones I have shared, these are my top 6 at the moment that I’d make over and over again, regardless of the season and mood. They’re just that special. Each embodies a sentiment and allure that you simply can’t ignore. Take a lookey at each one via the link… Indulge yourself. It’s Friday. It’s necessary and you deserve the eye candy.


Salted Caramel Flan






Do you have a favorite? Dime?! Which one is it?!! By the way, not all recipes are included in the respective posts, but you if you just can’t live without it, send me an email and I’ll shoot you over the receta. Yes, it may take me a week or two to get to you, but I promise to!

Happy #FlanFridays and thanks for enjoying this series. I always have a blast doing it. 😉


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16 thoughts on “#FlanFridays: My Faves

  1. You are the flan queen! … what are you going to the DR for? I was born and raced in the DR and love to hear when people visit my home country. Enjoy!

  2. I’m having a difficult time determining which of these top 5 flans are my no. 1 choice. They’re all truly creative flavors. So maybe, my fave is the pumpkin spice. I also love the salted caramel. The truffle sounds amazing, too. See… I can’t decide!

  3. todos son para mi.que delicia poder comermelos todo yo solita si tener que compartir con nadie de mi familia. pero bueno no soy tan egoista y puedo compartir esas delicias de flan. creo que are el de espresso. ya que es mi caf´ favorito. gracias chef!

  4. these all look soo yummy. i just don’t know how you do it. id eat all the flan i make. i really like the pumpkin one. mami makes it as a side so i think in a flan would be special.

  5. Flan, flan, y más flan for all of you! Thanks for your continued support of a dessert I love so much! I hope you all try one of these at some point during your culinary experiences! I’m here to answer any questions and offer virtual help. Flan makes our life a bit happier and definitely sweeter! 🙂

  6. I really admire you for making such beautiful flans over and over again Bren. I think it looks much easier than it actually is. I still have a hard time covering the pan with hot caramel without burning myself!

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