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Get Fit with Microsoft, B So Chic! Style

I’m out of town, finding my way around the Virgin Islands, but that doesn’t mean works stops! I am so tickled to introduce you to my fabulous, behind-the-scenes sister… Karen! It’s taken me 8 years to convince her my work is every much everything I make it to be and that’s there’s life in traveling, sharing, cooking, and blogging all about it. I finally convinced her. But it had to be something that totally fit her lifestyle and interests… and that would be something involving outdoor life and fitness, both which she and I do love, love doing together and whenever we can. So here she is, on behalf of B So Chic!, sharing a bit of what she loves! 

By Karen.

While my sister is eating her way around St. Thomas (check her out on Instagram), and not counting calories, I’m at home, thinking about all the candy I’m going to kindly take away from my 6 nephews and nieces tomorrow. Yep. They don’t even know how I’m going be their little fairy that stole the good, yummy stuff. Especially those twizzlers.

It’s Halloween!

When my sis asked me to do some yoga or Zumba at a Microsoft Store, I gave her that side eye look every friend (and sibling) avoids. Because you know it means they are not even considering what you’re saying to them. But my sister loves to talk and is pretty good at convincing me to do things so I let her chat and reel me in. And so here I am.

It’s actually quite perfect timing my sis is out of town so that I could jump in for her. Literally.

On this Thursday morning — while my sis is probably having a really carb heavy breakfast on the beach — I’m getting dressed in some really cute workout out (the best to own) to head over to Tysons Corner Mall to hang out with Microsoft. News to me and now nows to you — they host in-store events that are actually engaging and not just full of sales pitches.

I see kids (and the shameless, totally care-free adults) playing X-box, mostly the dance games on the Kinect, on the 2nd level of the mall, and now that I think of it, right outside the Microsoft store. And today, we all have a chance to take that casual fitness into their stores. I’ll be doing some yoga (that’s really my sister’s thing) and Zumba, around 1this afternoon with some of their experts — on the Kinect. This will be my chance to show my sis I’m not so behind-the-scenes and also  burn some extra calories before tomorrow’s candy crush. And truthfully, my sis and I dance to Just Dance 4 on the Kinect at least once a week. That’s our little secret. We have video so prove it. Sometimes we battle each other.

But that’s the point… to burn some super calories in an hour to make room for all the nibbling I’ll be doing. And to see how others dance to those games!

No pain no gain. And in this case, pain will gain us all some swag. I won’t be among the first 150 people, if you are you get get to play for a giveaway.

In the area, come join me (and my sister, virtually) and Microsoft from. We’ll be way ahead of everyone one else tomorrow… While they suffer from immense guilt on Saturday morning from all the candy, we’ll be feeling great because we played ahead of the game!

I might even surprise our mother with a the latest Just Dance.


Here are the deetz:

Get cute in your workout clothes. Come to the Microsoft store at Tysons and… know the schedule.

10am – 6pm: In-store giveaways to first 150 consumers.
12pm – 1pm: Yoga Class or Store Provided Fitness Activity (What I’m aiming for!)
1pm – 5pm: In-Store Workout activities continue in Xbox Fitness Area. Optional fitness tests available for us. Xbox Fitness workout options to include Tracy Anderson, Gillian Michaels, P90X, and Insanity. Trainers will be at the store to help us with all workouts.
5pm: Evening snacks provided (the healthy kind, of course.)
6pm-6:45pm: Zumba Class (or perhaps this session!)

Being fit is sexy. It really is. 

*This post is part of a sponsored collabo with SocialMoms and Microsoft. All opinions and statements are that of the authors, always true and authentic. 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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