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Girl vs. Food: In {assisted} search of my best abs with UltraShape

Bren Herrera Gym Pic UltraShapeHave you ever felt you workouts aren’t benefiting you the way you intend? And get frustrated from not seeing the results you’re so desperately working on? I work out often. I cycle and put in about 100 miles each week; well, when I’m not traveling. I walk/run at least three times per week. And I used to do trapeze quite regularly until a painful shoulder and hip injury forced me to take a long break. I’m still breaking, sadly. I obsess with my body, I hate to admit. I’m not seeing the changes as fast as I’d like. But then I have to remind myself I do cook for a living and am always around food. While I try to measure myself and be very conscious of what I eat, it’s not always that easy. For starters,  I have a huge appetite. I can throw down. I can eat as much if not more than 200-pound man sitting across from me. That’s always my measure for overeating. At 123 pounds, I should definitely not be able to eat as much as a guy double my size. But I do. And so I live with it. I just work out that much harder.

I hit walls, tho. After two months of intense international travel last winter,  I gained a solid 10 pounds. 10 pounds on my frame is uncomfortable. And not sexy. And unhealthy. I was desperate to get the excessive weight off I did a 10 day smoothie cleanse. And it worked. I shed if just like that. It wasn’t easy but I loved the benefits. In the end, it wasn’t fully sustainable for my lifestyle. I cook. I develop recipes. I eat.

A lot.

And so a bit of the weight is back on. Even with my cycling, the weight is still there. I’m eating more with every thousand calories I burn after a 32-mile ride.

After some dietary analysis, I’m concluding with no real medical confirmation that I may be developing a strong allergy to gluten, corn and dairy. I never though I’d be here, but I have to listen to my body. Certain foods leave me feeling icky; extremely bloated and overall irritated. I can ride, lift weights, run, sweat, and even eat minimally, but a handful of popcorn and I’m done.

I’m close to hitting a wall again. I’ve decided to try to a different approach. A bit of an extreme for my philosophy, but I’m curious.

UltraShape has invited me to help shape (maybe flatten) my belly– my biggest problem area.  It’s the one body part that stresses me out. I have good washboard days. But when I don’t, it’s like I’ve eaten a baby calf. And, it’s not as simple as water weight or bloating. It’s real, stubborn fat that wants t to permanently occupy my real estate. If I were 5’6″ with a much longer torso, I’d be okay. At least I could live with it a bit better. At 5’1″, with no torso, — all of my height is in my legs — midsection weight is extremely noticeable. I don’t carry it well.

So I’m going to try this permanent fat burner by UltraShape to see what kind of results I can really benefit. From what I’ve read, it’s the first non-invasive procedure that will safely zap away those relentless buggy fatty cells that just don’t want to take up residence elsewhere. I invite them to go to my booty, but since they won’t, they gotta go! If this 3-time process helps complement my own physical efforts, I may end up a real exhibitionist… the classy kind.  I’m also going to do it in hopes of convincing my mom to try it out. She’s more active than I in a different way. She doesn’t exercise and doesn’t eat continuously the way I do, but lives with this really unhealthy midsection. I’m more desperate for her than for myself, honestly. If I’m pleased, she’ll entertain the idea.

The really great take away? I get to guiltlessly eat and not feel as tho my workouts aren’t working. Let’s hope anyway. I mean, this girl has to eat!

Follow me as I try out their procedure. A picture here and there will show you what I’m really working with. As they say, “picture or it didn’t happen!”

*I was personally invited by UltraShape to be a DC-based ambassador through SocialMoms. I am receiving complimentary treatments in order to review the service. However, all opinions and results I post are honest and true. 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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