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Is Kanye fit to be a pastor? Also, To Live in Gratitude. Live! at the Hive, Ep 3

Welcome back to Live! at the Hive. Episode 3 here and full of gems. I bring on my first official guest — my long time friend and show co-producer, Eddie Valoy, who was visiting D.C. from Atlanta for the holiday. This episode was hot! Kanye dominated the conversation. Do you support him as a pastor? We get into all of that!

Before we get into the show, I start with my inspo thought for week and that is of gratitude. With Thanksgiving right behind us, I spend a few minutes sharing 7 things for which I’m grateful and use that to usher me through the episode but also for my personal week.

Gratitude makes sense of the past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. – Melanie Beatty

Since this is my first episode where I fully implement our show theme and format, I wanted to have Eddie on so that we could fully dive into the topics. Eddie and I have spent months and months developing our concept so it was only apropos that he be my first guest. Plus, I barely get to see him, so this worked out really well.


Is Kanye fit to be a pastor?

Eddie and I spent the better part of 30 minutes debating whether Kanye should be the one delivering the message of God considering he has one foot very deeply planted in secular and worldly entertainment. I make one argument. Eddie makes another.

We move onto a hot topic and that is should men  be on birth control in the form of a shot that “sterilizers“ them for 13 years? Eddie is not a fan. I am. As a woman, I am all for the responsibility and onus being shared, if not transferred all together. Do you all remember the Bob Dole Viagra commercial? Do you know who invited women’s birth control? We get into all of that.

I’m excited to introduce a casual and fun yet lighthearted segment: Word of the Day. I am a word geek and fan of a robust vocabulary so I am excited to challenge my guest to using a word in a sentence in less than 20 seconds. How do you think Eddie fared?


In the Culture Hub we look at some current happenings in the US and also abroad that celebrate or represent the culture. Did you know that a Texas school teacher is teaching Spanglish as a formal language and kids are nailing it? I love it! Eddie talks about how karaoke in Asian countries is revered. Did you also know that Mexico is the number one global destination for Thanksgiving holiday? Who knew?


What do you think is on my Wishlist in this episode? I share my top seven for the week, with actress Gabrielle Union topping it. She recently got fired from America’s Got Talent and Twitter went wild. Do you support her?

Eddie shares a wish on his list also.


I finally end the episode with a mental charge and that is to identify seven things for which you are grateful and celebrate them every day for the next week. To be intentional about how we express our gratitude.

Thanks for tuning in!

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Host: Bren Herrera

Executive Producer: Bren Herrera

Segment Producer: Bren Herrera and Eddie Valoy

Engineer: Tyrone Littman

Editing: Tyrone Littman 

Music + Lyrics: Eddie Valoy and Bren Herrera

Cover Photography: Audrey Wong

Art Design: James Long 

(Host note: please pardon if you have audio loss of integrity. We had some technical issue we weren’t able to correct in time. We are good to go now.)

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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One thought on “Is Kanye fit to be a pastor? Also, To Live in Gratitude. Live! at the Hive, Ep 3

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