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Welcome to my New Podcast: Live! at the Hive {Trailer}

Hi, beautiful people!

I’m Bren Herrera, chef, author, media personality, activist and also, new actress. Yes, yes, yes, you are right! You are listening to what is about to be my new podcast. And, if you stay with me for a few minutes, I’ll tell you all about it.

It’s called Live at the Hive! With Bren. The show is my new way of inspiring us to have meaningful and thoughtful lives that result in greater impact in our homes and communities through conversations, provocative dialogue and mental charges for us consider. Basically, all the things we’re buzzing about and that deserve a deeper look.


I’ve come up with (along with my producer, Eddie Valoy) a simple format that invites a variety of topical segments. My favorite of them all is Soapboxing. We all know what soapbox means right? — on where we stand to serve a point. But, soapboxing is the idea that two people stand on their point and defend it. Literally, box it out — but in a super friendly way. We’re not throwing punches, rather extending an alternative view that hopefully invites open-mindedness and added appreciation for differing opinions.

Soapboxing will be between myself and a guest I bring on and will cover anything from crazy headlines –and we all know how crazy the headlines are these days — to  current events like the seriousness and urgency to save Rodney Reed from being executed in Texas next week. We’ll also have some pop culture banter  — is Kanye about to legit about to become a pastor? We’ll hash it all out.For example when my boy Guy came on, we didn’t really agree on a lot of what we talked about but we definitely walked away having a better understanding of each other’s point of view.


I’ll also have a weekly wishlist to share with you guys! Who doesn’t like a good wishlist?! This is where we’ll have fun and have some comedic relief because we all need some LOL’s in this life.  I’ve got a couple of things that I really want to find a solution to. Some are funny, some serious, but all are legit. Trust.


In the Culture Hub, I’ll dish on, and maybe even expose cultural anecdotes that affect the culture. You all know that I’m here for La Cultura, mi gente. The point is to get us to look at human culture for its diversity and its beauty, but also, really dig deep into why we operate the way do and how those ways affect and impact us collectively.


There are a few more random musings I’ve incorporated into the show but you’ll have to tune in! I want you to feel welcome and get really comfortable while we have these conversations. I want you to get to know me in a way perhaps you’ve not done in the past which means you’ll have to get  close and personal with me.  Live! Means that I’ll be streaming live from my hive — mi casita. Sometimes, of course, I’ll be at the studio. I’ll always invite you into my humble space. I want you to feel the love, I want you to feel happy, I want you to be encouraged and inspired to be better versions of yourself. And because I’m a musician — I’m not sure many of you know that —  music will always play a huge role on Live! At the Hive with Bren. I have a surprise for you guys, so stay tuned in.

And, finally, for now, I will open and close every episode with a thought that resonated with me at some point and one I hope will cause you to pause and do the same.

New episodes will drop every Tuesday starting Nov. 19th. Subscribe at BrenHerrera.com/Podcast or wherever you get your favorite shows! I’m excited to be here! I’m excited you’re here!

And until we drop this, B! Great(er) than you were yesterday! Much love, people. I’m Bren Herrera, your host of Live! At the Hive with Bren.

This podcast is fueled by copious amounts of espresso.


Host: Bren Herrera

Executive Producer: Bren Herrera

Segment Producer: Bren Herrera and Eddie Valoy

Engineer: Tyrone Littman

Editing: Tyrone Littman 

Music + Lyrics: Eddie Valoy and Bren Herrera

Art Design: James Long 

Live! At the Hive with Bren will be available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and Stitch on November 19th. Please check back to subscribe! Please follow the Podcast on IG: https://www.instagram.com/liveatthehivepodcast/

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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