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Morning Joe… Seattle’s Best Dark Roast Is Muy Bueno

Seattle's Best Coffee Bag & Espresso Maker

That’s not really Latin. Or Cuban for that matter. We say café or cafécito… the very first thing we enjoy in the morning. Coffee’s an enigma in my mind. All vital necessities apart, it seems as though some morning charcoal is a global culture. Do you know anywhere in the world where coffee’s not deemed a morning ritual? I’d love to know! I’d be shocked and would engulf myself into some research. I mean, really! Who doesn’t drink some bold java to waken the senses? As for Americans, especially those of Latin heritage, the day simply can’t get started with a great jolt. And since we all know I’m violently obsessed with Cuban espresso, namely Bustelo, I thought it’d be great to experiment with some more common household names and let you know what I think. Names we see in airports, stand-alones, or packaged have to have some cache, so why not. I’m starting with Seattle’s Best Coffee. Well, because I saw them for years as I hustled through Atlanta’s airport but never stopped through to get a red cup of Joe.  I wasn’t nervous to break out something different, but so curious to see where this was going to end up.

Could I really let go of my triple shot of espresso for Seattle’s darkest roast blend?

When the famed coffee house learned I’m a coffee fiend and asked me to take a break (probably a much needed one) from my beloved espresso, I was so up for the challenge. They’re 3rd ever to boldly rock my routine.

But I obliged. After all, the great benefit would be adding more coffee to my already mammoth collection. And that’s always a win!

Seattles Best Coffee Dark Roast Setting

Well, it turned out to be just alright! Better than I thought, truly.  I thought the only way I could make this work tho, without going into withdrawal, was to make it in my espresso maker. Oddly enough, but not totally surprised, it yielded great taste without the hyper boost of a concentrated coffee blend like espresso. I did have to opt for their darkest roast which has notes of chocolate and a surprising bite of heat. Not sure where that came from, but I went with it.

I wanted  to give an American coffee a really fair chance, so I ignored the way I typically enjoy mine… well, except for the machine  I used. Honestly, I don’t have a drip machine, so I didn’t have much choice. That said, I thought it’d be quite awesome to melt some chocolate into the coffee to bring forth the chocolate-y notes the dark roast blend has. I used a dark truffle and my heart just sunk into a morning mood of “ahhhh” — could it really be happening. Could I really be enjoying café con leche a lo Americano??

I’m not a fan of a plain dark coffee, so I had to add steamy cream. I mixed 2% milk and half and half. The cocktail of milks and Swedish chocolate were as dreamy as my mornings when my espresso maker is hissing.

Quite aromatic, with a bite in the final sip, I have to admit I could do this more than I ever anticipated. The idea of reducing my caffeine intake at 4pm (because I’m crazy enough to have 2-3 shots to push me through into the night), is exciting and offers me some hope to loosen my addiction.

I’m even thinking their medium blend, their 4th more intense of 5,  would do the job if I make it in the espresso maker, too. If my mother can agree to like it, I think we’d both be in java heaven, enjoying a tasty cup with the jitter bugs we both get!

Now, what I really need to know is what my life would be like if I went from espresso to drip for about 2 weeks! Do you think I’d survive? I loved Seattle’s Best enough to forgo my 15 year old habit… that’s huge. Seriously. The bag I bought is big enough to last me that long. I do want to try it completely differently from what I’ve know my whole life, so let’s see if I conjure up buying one this week.

A bona fide coffee lover will go the length to explore new awesomeness. If said awesomeness can satisfy my taste buds in a way you would have had to pay me to believe could be possible, then hey! I’m all for it. Who knew!

Seattles Best Coffee Dark Roast Glass

Okay, now I can I tell you. I was a bit nervous at first. I had no idea if I’d end up crawling back in bed or itching to revert to my morning call. I’m not huge on change. Plus, my experience in drinking drip, which only happens if I have to have something hot and I’m not home, has never been a joyous one. So, to make a cup at home, comfortably, where I can control its richness and boldness, brings me smiles. And at $8 bag, at least in DC, their promise that their taste delivers or your money back makes me believe they’re pretty spot on.

I’m telling you, I need to make this in drip form!

¡DIME! What’s your favorite way of having coffee? Black, cream, sugar, iced, with chocolate, etc…? Does the time of day affect how dark your blend choice is? Let’s have some kitchen sink convo! Oh, and if you’d like to try it for yourself, check out their page for a $2 off coupon. Spend that on some chocolate truffles!

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Seattle’s Best Coffee blogging program. The experience, opinion and results are my very own, always organic, raw, and real! 🙂 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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6 thoughts on “Morning Joe… Seattle’s Best Dark Roast Is Muy Bueno

  1. Oye! I’m going to have to try it. To be honest I’ve always seen it but tend to stay away. You know I’m like you, café cubano in the mornings, and I just don’t seem to function right without it. I love the idea of throwing a truffle in it. Cuando lo haga I’ll let you know! And you’ve tempted me to try it. Un abrazote.

  2. Helena: Hola!! Woman! now you know if I liked it, it’s good. I don’t ever do regular coffee outside of my house. It’s always, always espresso, so this was really a sweet surprise. As in I actually drank a whole cup of café con leche. I chilled another batch I’ll sip on tomorrow. Since you like espresso, I’d say go for the dark roast blend. It’s the closest thing to a fine roast. And the taste is def there. I’ll try it with evaporate milk next time and let you know. But if you do make it, LMK! I’d be so curious to know what you think.

  3. Now, you know we are eye to eye here. I’m still in shock that you did it!! Proud of you 🙂 But, yes I’m very familiar with Seattle’s Best. When I worked at Delta Corp, I always dropped by the airport (that’s because I took the train into work – lol ) and picked up a cup ea morning. A truffle just makes anything better…lol I’m eager to try this Dark&Intense blend…as Melanie states, it does sound intriguing.

  4. Melanie: you of all ladies should try it out! I think you’d really like. it’s great for 3 pm trysts!

    Joi: totally not surprised you’ve had it! I’ve seen it for years running through Atlanta and have probably had it once or twice, but I like brewing my own coffee!

    Mario: try it!

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