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Sexy Shoe Sunday: Valentino


Happy Sunday, lovelies. Did you miss Sexy Shoe Sunday? I did too, actually, but I try to only feature shoes I actually buy, though I’m thinking I should just share anything uber fabulous. And, I’ve been on a break from buying shoes because nothing’s really tickled my fancy. Until now. Well, I did pick up some super fabulous black pumps and a pair of strappy shoes for this TV appearance a few weeks ago. I need to show you those. But for now…. These!

I try not to obsess over material things. But sometimes a girl’s just gotta cave into the crush and follow her heart’s content.

I saw these a while back, loved them, but knew they were too trendy for my taste. Haven’t studs been in for 5 years? And won’t they only last for maybe 2 more? That’s why I looked (and drooled), tried them on, and walked out empty-handed, feeling great.

But then I got a call I’ve been waiting on for years and the shoes came to mind. I fought that frugal, practical side and pondered them again.

It took all of two days to decide on them. I deserved them. This was the one case (and hopefully the last) where timeless style didn’t matter. I just went for it.

And, I’m so glad I did. I’m in love. I haven’t crushed on a pair of shoes like this in a long time. Especially trendy shoes.

These beauties are sexy, screaming my name and just classy. I just pray these studs don’t become passé anytime soon. And even if they do, I’ll be rocking them ’til I’m well in my 60s! The lovely and over-the-top friends at Nordstrom assured me I’d be fine. Plus they went overboard in finding them for me…. because, this color in my size was sold out.



Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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