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Peach Rose

Happy Friday! Happy Friday! Happy Friday!

It’s summer. It’s hot and steaming. But it’s a beautiful thing, right? There are so many wonderful gifts this season brings. And while it’s not my favorite one of the four, I do relish in the simplicity of it: ice cream dates with my dad, swinging on the hammock when I need a break from staring at this computer screen, an unexpected drop-by visit from my very best friend, a guy who knows me too well, or just hunkering down at night and flipping through pages replete with comforting words of joy and renewal. I’m reading those kinds of notes these days.  I’m also cooking much more than I have been in the last 6 months. I took an intentional break from daily cooking and scaled back on weekly gigs because I really wanted to recenter my focus on enjoying what I do. I somewhat lost a bit of my joi de vivre. Work got to me. It’s a lot. But I’ve found joy in throwing myself back in the trenches of the cocina, of traveling, and writing.

So this morning, I woke up super eager to share a flan with you! A  new one I was inspired by an on-going gig. But I regret I don’t have it after all. I mean I made it. And it was divine. Kind of. I had an accident of sorts in my kitchen amidst testing 6 dishes in preparation for another gig next week. So while I had a failure of almost epically-embarrassing proportions, I still mustered energy and got to remake it. I’ll have it for you next Friday.

The small set back in the kitchen caused me to pause and think of what I was thankful for. The kitchen controlled me today. NO bueno. I need to be in full control of what happens in there. But I’m human and things just go astray.

It’s summer. It’s okay. The furry of getting those dishes done kept me from enjoying the moment and appreciating the reason I was even cooking so much.

So after I gathered myself and cleaned up the mess I created, I came back to my desk.

This rose is currently sitting on it. My mother gave it to me yesterday in this delicate little vase (I think it’s a vintage salt shaker, actually). It’s hand-picked from her growing rose garden. She has 14 bushes already.

She gifts me with a small arrangement every week so I wasn’t surprised when she gently placed it on my desk as I laser-focused on turning in an assignment. I barely looked at her, but I did say ‘thank you, Mami.’

But there’s something uniquely special about this single rosebud.

It bloomed so differently from every other rose she’s given me in the last two years. It opened up perfectly. Almost too perfect. As if it had been drawn by a world class artist.

And the color was vibrant.

The curves were flow-y and incongruent, yet mesmerizing.

And it’s still thriving where others would have started to wilt by now.

Bren Herrera's Peach Rosebud

I stared at the rosebud and just grinned. I had a hell of week. A great, hell of a week. And I’m thankful. But as I continued to stare at the rose, I felt  a calm come over me. I realized that I was fighting the clock, trying to get this post up after everything else I had on my agenda. And so I let it go and just enjoyed what I had accomplished today. I went to back to ponder all the things I’m grateful for.

I’ll share with you a few of things which have impacted me, particularly this week.

1. My Mother. I don’t have many words to explain how thankful I am for her. I’m honored she chose me to be her daughter.

2. My health. My hip likes to act up every now & then, but that saide, I’m healthy, and that’s awesome. My dad continues to remind that my health is my wealth.

3. My sister’s funny bone. She makes me laugh when I don’t even have it in me.

4. Work. I am so thankful for this career I’ve built (continue to build) for myself.

5. Paris. Because my little spoiled pooch allows me go give him the attention he needs. It’s therapeutic for me.

6. My friends. I have a handful that know my core and love me regardless. They are priceless.

7. Trees. I have mad respect for trees. They really do give us life.

8. My father. We don’t always agree, but he’s a smart, smart man and I always learn from him. He just doesn’t know it.

9. My 3 brothers. They are sweetly placed souls in my life. Each one plays a unique role.

10. A few specific colleagues. There are a lot people who have believed in me since the day I started working for myself. But there a very few number whom have extended themselves in immeasurable ways.

11. Love. To love is amazing. I’m thankful for being able to love.

12. This rose. It centered me today.

Peach Rosebud

Take time to give thanks, friends. Life is one. Enjoy the small things. The little things. Share every opportunity you’re able. And smile lots. Summer is here.

There’s bliss in that.

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Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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4 thoughts on “Summer.

  1. This Rose is the definition of Centered Beauty! It’s often the smallest things in life that gives us the greatest JOY that life has to give. So grateful and thankful our paths have indeed crossed. Love this post, I so needed this Rose today!

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